Please clarify this for me

In the 2002 Forum Review, Charlie states that “if hill work were to comprise an entire workout for a mature athlete, it might include 3 to 4 sets of 30 meters at max speed, or 4 to 5 sets at a slightly submaximal speed.” I am confused about the actual number of hill runs i am supposed to do if my workout for a particular day is comprised of just hills. If i am planning on doing 4 sets of 30 meter hill sprints with full recovery, how many reps (or actual hill sprints) make up each set?..and would i have a full recovery between each rep or between each one of the sets (mutiple hill runs) or both?
I know that in bodybuilding terms, 3 sets of squats would mean peforming roughly 8-10 reps of squats 3 seperate times…but in terms of sprints, how many actual seperate runs would make up a set?
Forgive me if this question seems too simple…sometimes i tend to overanalyze things. Thanks for the help.

the distance is the reps ie. 4 runs (sets) of 30 meters

depends on what u r trying to work on, pure acc then lower vol 2(5x30) etc more power conditioning then higher vol like in the gpp dvd 3(6x40)etc.

2(5x30)…so how many sprints does this represent? I know that the 30 represents the distance of 30 meters. I would guess that you mean a total of 10 seperate sprints, but why group them in two groups of 5? What is the proper rest time for each individual sprint?

3(6x40)…so would this represent six individual sprints of 40 meters done 3 different times?..making it a total of 18 individual sprints?

One more question…If my workout consists of doing only 4 “sets” of 30 meter hill sprints…would this mean that the entire workout consisted of just 4 individual sprints?? (not counting the warmup and all the stretching)…i just find it hard to believe that Charlie’s suggested hill workout consists of just 4 total sprints.

Again…thanks for the help…i just gotta be thorough with this.

Yes Irong, you are correct. Keep in mind that sometimes the rest interval between the first and second sets could be twice as long as the RI between repetitions. Hope this helps…

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