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When I look at race results for a college meet and I see unattached, what does unattached mean? and also how is one able to run unattached?

It means they are not affiliated with any college/university, club, or professional organization (sponsor). Like if some guy just wants to run a college meet, he can just enter as Unattached (if the meet allows it).

how does one find and enter unattached meets. right now I’m a freshman at tennesse State University it’s a Div 1-AA school in the Ohio Valley Conferance

Check out

Your school does not have a track program?

I’d just search on nearby colleges’ websites and look at their track schedule. If you see a meet near you, just email the coach of the school holding the meet or the meet director and ask if you can enter unattached.

They do but the track coach asks like he doesnt have time to talk to me. I new to track, i ran in one city meet in one event, the 100m, in highschool my senior year. my time was a 11.37 handtimed. I figure I could just train my self with help from this site and reading charlie’s books.

they makes to much sense mortac8, I appreiciate your help.