plans for a power lifting platform

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Deeps Plan for Way too Heavy Bulletproof 8’*8’ Platform

No blueprint but the platform I made for the meets was made as follows:

  1. seventeen 2"x6"x 8’ boards
  2. 2 3/4" (or thicker if you can find it) sheets of plywood. Get the good stuff, with no surface holes or gaps, etc
  3. 1 3/8" sheet of plywood
  4. 3/8" rubber flooring
    1)Lay the 2x6’s left to right to make and 8’x8’ square
  5. Screw the thick plywood sheets on top of the 2x6s in the same direction (left to right). The seam between the sheets will land in the center of one of the 2x6’s. That will allow you to break it down into two peices if you ever need to move it.
  6. Paint the 3/8" sheet of Plywood with Tuf Trac. It’s a non-skid acrylic coating made by Sonneborn. I special ordered it at Sherwin Williams. The color is French Gray. Actually, you have to roll or trowel it on.
  7. When that is dry and has set up - 3 days - screw it onto the plywood sheets in the opposite direction - front to back.
  8. Cut the 3/8" rubber sheets into 4 4’x2’ sections and screw in place one the sides of the center plywood section.
    It helps to glue them down with contact cement. I left the edges near the center unglued to facilitate breakdown for moving.
    IT works pretty well with the grippy stuff in the center and the rubber on the sides. The rubber absorbs the dropping of the bar during deads and dumped squats and the grippy stuff gives good traction for squatting and benching.
    The only negative is you will have to mop up powder if you use it for benching and pulling in training as the powder will wind up making the feet slip when benching. Nothing a quick mop job won’t fix either.

1)Use 1/2" rubber and plywood for top surfaces - more durable.
2) Make separate center section which is covered with carpet for the bench. That eliminates the chalk/powder from the squat/dead affecting the bench footing.