Planning for the next few days until race. PEASE HELP!!!

Well I ended up competing in the 100m and 200m today. Still felt terrible from my cold and ran some horrible times (for the 100m, 12.20 and 12.30) Is the common cold supposed to knock me down that much? I should definately be able to do much better than that??!)

My start (strength) was good but I’m not sure whether if it was my top speed or endurance that was lacking because I started out in front and was absolutely wiped out by the other runners by around 50-60m (although I felt I was very relaxed and didn’t push despite this, so it was good experience).

I realy need to be in top form by next Wednesday for a competition. My cold should be cleared out of my system by then, but I really need some help planning for the next few days.

This is what I’ve had so far

last week

Sun-7x60m - weights
Mon-Tempo (1km total)
Tue-1x200m - oly lifts
Thu-10x30m - weights

Mon(today) - 2x100m, 1x200m (no weights)
Wed-RACE (2x100m)

Please please help me fill in the spaces. I really don’t have a clue what I should be doing here, need help urgently! :help:

If you feel tired and run down, keep the intensity low leading into your next competition. Don’t be afraid of easy tempo- the “chicken soup” of training- it won’t hurt, but reduce both the vol and intensity of the speed work. Ideas?


  1. How important is this race? Is it the focus of your season? If not, where does it fit in?
  2. How are you feeling today?

Yes, this IS the focus of my season. Infact, I don’t progress any further if I don’t perform at this event.

Still feeling crap today from my cold, but I don’t really feel any effects from running yesterday (no muscle soreness, etc).

I discussed my situation with a senior member last night and I have decided to do probably (1x80 1x50) on Wed and Fri followed by easy 2x3 squats with my normal working weight (which is probably a 6-7RM). Then a few easy starts on Sunday and some light tempo before the race on Wednesday.

My main concern is my cold, it’s still quite bad now and I’m concerned that even tempo work could hinder recovery from the illness?

Thu-Tempo 10x100 Microstretch
Fri-Tempo 10x100 2 x 3 Explosive Power Clean @ 60% Microstretch
Sat- 4x30m, 1x60m, 1x80m Ice Bath
Sun-Tempo 10x100 (very easy), Salts Bath
Mon-4x30m @ 95%, 3x3 Bench Press @ 80% Contrast Shower
Wed-RACE (2x100m)

This is what I would do. I think it’s better to leave training as late as possible so that you can get over the cold, whilst keeping in mind tonus and CNS requirements for your race.