Planning for 100m, 100m hurdles & javelin combo

Please read through this lengthy post and comment. Any responses are welcome.

I coach a 16-year-old girl with one year of sprint training, 2.5 years of javelin and strength training background. Current performance levels (rounded electronic times): 60m 8.1s, 100m 12.7s, 100m hurdles 15.3s, javelin (600g) 46m. Goals for 2005 indoor season: 60m 7.90s, outdoor season: 100m 12.20s, hurdles 14.50s, javelin 50m (probably the main event).

In the 100m she lacks general conditioning and her hip height isn’t very good (a lot worse in the hurdles). Also she has some trouble stepping over properly at max speed and in the start she really drags her feet close to the ground not raising her heels at all. Any ideas on how to correct this? Her acceleration is pretty good compared to other areas.

She has only participated in sprint training for one year (mostly accelerations to 45m due to poor training facilities) so I’m waiting for things to improve during next winter because we now have a decent indoor track (up to 140m straight plus a 200m banked track).

Question about periodizing:
Indoor meets: weeks 7 (minor meet) and 9 (nationals)
Outdoor meets: weeks 29 and 30 (first peak), week 33 (main peak), also some minor meets starting in June.
So we have 20-21 weeks before the first indoor competition, since we can start training in a couple of weeks. How do you recommend we structure our phases (how many weeks each)?

Example weekly training schedule:

Monday: starts, plyos, weights
Tuesday: tempo
Wednesday: javelin
Thursday: starts (+ max speed), plyos, weights
Friday: tempo
Saturday: javelin, plyos, weights
Sunday: rest

Any comments?