Planning a comeback


A friend of mine (female) has decided to come back to T&F. She used to be a talented LJ an TJ with PBs of 13.00m and 6.00m as 17yo. After 2 years of not training she would like to restart her track career.
Her plan is to do a ~2 months of somthing like a pre-GPP to get some general fitness back in place and loose 3-5kg.

Since none of us have experience how this should be done and how her body will react we need some halp with planning.

My basic idea is to structure a 3×3weeks plan.

In first 3 weeks shw would focus only on core, circural strenght exercises, running (for some reason she doesnt want to start with tempo right away, but would do some continuous running and bike) and gymnastics (which she lacks big time). In an 2nd 3week period she would start with regular tempo running, and focus more on general strenght. Also I thought of some easy lifting to bring back her lifting tehnique. For the 3rd 3week period core exercises would move tempo days to make space for more general strenght training.

A sample week for that first period of training would be:

Mo: (3×20reps??)×~10 different basic core exercises with her own bw and med-ball;
Tu: continuous running 45m, stretching??
We: same as Mo
Th : same as Tu
Fr: same as Mo
Sa: same as Tu
Su: off

Where would you put mobility work, Mo-We-Fr or the other days?
Also, would that much core & general strenght work bo too much to begin with (thats somthing like 500reps per session, but its that only to work on.) We will keep this plan very flexible untill the training starts. There is not much material to learn from except from GPP Essentials to get the variety of exercises.

Also to mention. she had some lower back problems back in the days and is afraid of getting injured again.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think the bigger question is what did she do during her 2 year hiatus, and from that you can be realistic in regards to planing her training. For example, I took about 2-3 years off from training but I was still faithfully in the gym, I ate well, got sleep/rest, and ran long distance running when I could, so by the time I picked up CFTS I was ready to go.

So if this girl on the other hand did NOTHING for 2 years I feel you’re going to need much longer then 2 mo of gpp and the core work with 500 reps might me too much.

She did some “season” sports, like cycling, voleyball and basketball and a bit of running, but not much. This is her 1st week and she is able to do about 300 reps of core smoothly. She also does the running and a lot of stretching. That is enough for her right now. Ill be flexible with her plan in the folowing weeks.

thanks :slight_smile:

Congratulations on comeback!

I think your plan is fine, just be flexible and consistent. Do you intend to introduce some hills?

Btw, are you planning your own GPP as well?

No hills untill mid-september. Well discuss my GPP at our nationals :smiley: