Planning a 100m (Possible Long Jump) Year

How do you guys split your year up and plan certain phases?

i always thought sports were like this

Off-Season - Bulk & Strength
Pre-Season - Fitness/Skill/Speed
Season - Maintain

Is this the saMe for T&F?

Being only a small tacker, should i put in a clean bulk at the end of season? my season i take it will be around November-Feburary (Summer time) but i am not entirely sure about that.

a bulk should be alright for a sprinter as the extra strength and size should be allow him to generate more power (if he done a sprinter bulk where he gained strength, power and lean mass). but if i can pursue long jump, would that extra bulk be a problem (i don’t it will take a long time to reach that time when the extra bulk will be a problem, but thoughts)

pre-season is where i can work on my speed, conditioning and technique and the such. and then season i just maintain or heck, even improve.

but what style of training is best suited for pre-season?

also, i keep hearing GPP & SPP. i think GPP is General Physical Prepareness but i can’t find SPP, and is there any other 'PP’s?

Thoughts, comments, opnions, debate? post away, i would like to hear alot of different view points and such on this topic. i thought i would give a couple of topics there to dicuss (bulk, pre-season, training, GGP etc)

GPP DVD for starters will probably answer all of your questions and more.

Well, related to this topic, could I ask someone to answer this.

I understand the GPP part, and the SPP for the indoor season (I assume that is called SSP1). The indoor season would be mainly aimed at training for the 60m. So of course training would be aimed around that. Being SE would be in distances not above 60m, and speed days would be around 20m, until around the end of the SPP (under the short to long program)

Anyways, for SPP2, the second peak, one would be training for the 100m and 200m. So, how would the distance ranges change for SPP2 for SE and speed work? I have never really found a range for those during the SPP2 and SPP3. Thanks for any help.