pierrejean, GCT's Elite Women?

Hello pierrejean I know you have something I’m seeking.
Do you have any update studies on Elite Women over 100m
times btw 11.00-11.12… I am seeking the Times (GCT) for the top
3 ladies from the 2003 World Championships.
Do you know who I can contact for these numbers?

Thanks for your time

Hello Kenny Mac,
I don’t have GCT for top 3 ladies in Paris’03, i didn’t filmed them either and regret that. Some French coaches asked TV for the hundreds hours recorded, but they didn’t get reply… No biomechanical analysis were made in Paris and it’s a shame. I hope it won’t be the case again in Athens. A sprint coach i know uses to record the race with his digital camera, but it gives only 50 frames/sec, not enough to have accurate GCT data.
I can tell you that the ratio for the total stride time is GCT 42-44% and FT 56-58% at top speed, from my analysis, as it’s very difficult to find data in the literature, appart for 12 second sprinters!

Thanks for the reply.

If I run accross some material I’ll let you know.

Thanks again.

Thank you it would be greatly appreciate.