Pierre Jean

Do you have break downs for each of Kederis’s championship runs? If so would you be able to post them, or if you know where i may be able to get them could you point me in the right direction? Thank you.

Do you also have the Edmonton 2001 splits?

Greatly appreciated.:slight_smile:

PJ do you have Kenteris’s 50m Splits of his Sydney OG 200m win??? And the 10m Splits of both Frankie Fredericks and Ato Boldon in the '96 Atlanta OG Men’s 100m final???

X King:karate:

I have split times for his Personal Bests at 100m and 200m.

Bremen 2001, w+1.3m/s
020m 3.03
030m 3.98 (0.95)
040m 4.89 (0.91)
050m 5.77 (0.88)
060m 6.63 (0.86)
070m 7.50 (0.87)
080m 8.38 (0.88)
090m 9.26 (0.88)
100m 10.15 (0.89)
(From Martin-Luther-Universität Research Team).

München’02 w-0.5m/s
RT 0.132
050m 05.75 (5.61)
100m 10.28 (4.53)
150m 14.91 (4.63)
200m 19.85 (4.94)
(From videotape)

No, i haven’t got them, just rough estimations that i can’t post here…