phase 1-3 training distance's

i would like to find out some training distance’s for each phase. ive been reading some conflicting/confusing things from cfts that i would like to learn about.

im referting to pages 43, 94 and 101 in cfts

page 43 states a sample week for winter(i would guess phase 1) to be:
mon-60’s wed 200’s fri- 60’s

the vancouver graph on short-long for phase 1 states:
mon-60’s wed-60’s fri-60’s

table 6.1 on page 94 shows us
phase one- 30-60m
phase 2 80-120m
phase3 - reduced volume

page 101 the figure shows us the speed emphasis for each phase.
phase 1 - 0-60
phase 2 - 30-120
phase 3 60-200.

my question is what are the training distance’s for each phase?

was just thinking, please tell me if this is correct.

phase 1, starts with 2 days special endurance and 1 day speed, then changes to, 1 day special endurance 2 day speed.

if thats the case

when does speed endurace come in, would it be in phase 2 or phase 3?