Periodization for a devoted sprinter!

Hey guys, whats up? I’m new to training for the 100m, but im not new to sprinting overall(I’ve trained fairly a lot in the 40 yards). Anyways, this monday coming up, im starting a sprint/weight routine, and ive already got what im doing set out.

I’ve got Accel. Dev and plyos monday, Speed Endurance wednesday, and max velocity and plyos friday.

This will be a 10 week routine, so im just wondering, how can i periodize my workouts? What is the main focus/variable that changes in periodization? Sprint volume?


You won’t be going far without tempo and working on general fitness if you’re a beginner.

Yeah i didnt mention that…

My routine is like this.

Sunday: tempo/off
Monday: Accel Dev and plyos + weights
Tuesday: Tempo/off
Wednesday: Speed Endurance and weights
Thursday: Tempo/off
Friday: Max velocity and plyos + weights
Saturday: Tempo/off

Help please to my original question! :slight_smile: