Peaking when it counts : Perfecting the 10 Day taper now AVAILABLE


We are happy to release Derek Hansen’s film titled “Peaking when it counts: Perfecting the 10 day Taper” with Charlie Francis.


Peaking When It Counts: Perfecting the 10-Day Taper

A new DVD presented by Charlie Francis implements a real-time 10-day taper program with an athlete preparing for the 100m in a championship meet.

The 10-day taper schedule begins with a local meet as a last maximal stimulus, then progresses through meticulously to the championship heats and finals. This product is unlike any other video provided on the market today. While many other videos are scripted and planned for publication, this video was spontaneously created during an actual taper schedule for an athlete preparing for a championship competition.

In the process of creating the video, the authors had no idea how the athlete would perform on the day of championship competition. Not only does this scenario make it more exciting for the viewer, but also puts the Charlie Francis approach to a test.

Peaking When It Counts is a must have video for anyone working with high performance athletes and speed athletes. The DVD provides insight into programming for peaking, but also identifies key sprint mechanics issues throughout the process.

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Excellent DVD, highly recommended!!!:slight_smile:

Is th taper video a download or a dvd?

This is a instant download.

Agree with that quote.:slight_smile:

A masterclass - well done to all concerned.

Hello! How long is the DVD/download? Thanks!

Sorry, don’t have the exact time in front of me but iI know it’s our longest release yet and the length is why we initially weren’t able to compress it for download. We eventually were able to do it.

It is exactly 104 minutes. Lots of good info!

Great resource, maybe the best video I have. Between the actual time frame of progress to learning basic massage techniques, as well as some of Charlie’s subtle coaching verbal cues. Worth it, every penny, or loon!

Thank you very much!

Just picked up this video thanks to the 30% off sale. In a word it’s great.

I love that it’s more like a documentary than a lecture or concepts video. There is still a ton of information in this video but the great thing is you get to see the concepts practiced in real time. If you’ve ever wanted to see what a week of training with CF and Number Two is like this is your chance.

I understand the spreading out of high intensity elements due to the reduced intensity and volume but why do tempo and then weights on the same day? Is there a reason for this order?

You could do the weights before the tempo and after the warm-up as well. In any event, the tempo workout is so easy by then, it really doesn’t much matter.