Parrafin wax foot baths

Hi Ange,

What are your insights on this as a recovery/regeneration strategy? And also what to look for when purchasing a foot bath unit etc?

Either Mike Forgraves or Waldamar or both told me , suggested I get one.
When I went to Padova or some place near there in 1988 when I first met Charlie and saw Mennea and Merlene jogging around the track they had an entire center with hot tubs, cold tanks and paraffin baths. That was in 1988 and it was not a new center at that time.

Another story.
When I was rehabbing my knee / calf in 1997 winter, I met a guy at the clinic who worked in his families business. He had a serious accident where by some heavy machinery came down on both feet damaging both but more one foot than the other. He was using the wax bath multiple times per day and found it made a huge difference.
I was told that wax gives a deep heat that is high in moisture and helps to break up scar tissue. Especially early on in an injury. I think it happens due to the promotion of healing at a deeper and less superficial way.

Wax is messy and difficult to use and expensive in that you need to replace wax if you not using it personally. The best way to use a foot bath is to keep it plugged into an area you can use often and routinely.
Spas often use treatments with dipped clothes soaked with wax.
I’ve always dunked my hands and or feet directly into the wax. You can wrap your feet with saran and then towels.

Do you think the recommendation was due to the leg issues you had as a hurdler?

What would you say are ideal times for using this in a week?

I’ve experimented with doing walking in cold tubs filled based my ankles. That has helped with some morning foot pain issues. However, the best results have come from using Traumeel immediately before bed.

Dealing with distance runners, they have loads of foot issues. The wax bath seems like it might be a good option for them potentially.