do u guys ever get this…today i warmed up and shit and when i started to do 50 rythym squats, i only did 40 and then after i did squats and just felt sooo tired, i mean physically and mentally… and the sets sucked. some of it was bad form too cuz of my unwillingness…but i did some upper body work and came home and i was wondering if i can do my leg day tomorrow isntead of today (and i have a bruised hip bone i mean will i lose any vert or somethin if i go off my legs for a week for my hip to heal and since i kinda messed up on squats today will that have a huge affect on my program pleas ehelp, i had no energy what so ever when doing intensity and i hope i dont mess anything up like my vert or program cuz i did em with no intensity anyway cuz i was tired and im hoping i can do em again tomrorow someone please help me and answer my questions and see if i screwed up anything because on squats for like 1 set i had bad form cuz i was tired and the other 3 sets were like 80/100 squats, it wasnt perfect squats

you are ok. relax

80 to 100 reps? What does that do for your vert? Please enlighten me.

Training a specific area while it is injured is not a good idea. Neither is training while you feel utterly burned out. Time to look at your volume, no doubt your injury and state of fatigue are a consequence of it.

i didnt mean 80 reps i meant out of 100%, i did those squats at 80%. and 50 ryhtym squats are an exercise for vert defranco uses…but i onldy did 40

i also had some sorenss in my lower back yesterday from doing squats…but today its fine is it normal

Sometimes, if you lose the groove. You may need low back work

ya i did lose my groove i jsut didnt feel so into doing the squats and it just iddnt feel right…?