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My right arch is collapsed and the left is fine. I’ve been training for four years without doing anything “specific” to target this fudged up foot, lemme give a general run-down of the injuries I’ve incurred.

02’ Football: No issues what-so-ever with any part of my body.

02-03’ Basketball: Nothin’ I was fine for the entire season. Albeit the skin on my feet took a pounding from the crappy basketball shoes

03’ Track: Nothin, I had a fun season with no injuries.
53.2, 2:12, 5:59

03’ Cross Country: No problems at all. I got to about 50 miles during my highest milage week.

04’ Track: I trained through the winter and had an outstanding season. No Injuries or even hints of injuries. My body was at 100% throughout (I hate GHT words :frowning: ) the season and I was able to push myself unhindered.
51.3, 1:56, 4:43

04’ Summer (XC Preseason): I had my first arch injury here. I began running low milage (30-40) at the begining of the summer, then I picked it up drastically 8-12 miles per week increase and my arch just couldn’t keep up. I spent a total of 5 weeks trying to get back on my foot (Probably would’ve taken 3 If I had just stayed off it).

04’ Cross Country: I ran the entire season, however, It was a pattern of train 1 week-take 3 days off icing and hobbling around like a gimp favoring my weak arch. However, my performances were consistent and a major improvement from my sophomore year.
16:51 3m

At the end of Cross Country I got a myself a pair of orthotics and adapted to them over the winter. The arch problems seemed to abate, though my foot was almost always sore.

The Orthotics are general arch-supports little plastic thingies that I stick in my shoes. They’re not personalized at all (except for my shoe size).

04’ Track: I spent a fair portion of this season with abductor problems. Every race I would lock up and cramp afterwards. I only managed a mediocre season, with no improvement from the year before.
51.1, 1:58.8, X

05’ Summer: This was one of my better seasons. I started off with an innovative approach, I kept my milage relatively low and focused on my two hard workouts and my long run and my other four days were recovery days of some form or another. I finished the off-season in better aerobic shape with nothing in severe pain. My arch was sore once in a while, but I iced it and it was fine.

05’ XC: This season was mentally the biggest break-down for me. My lower leg(s) were in top condition and I never ran into an injury problem for the season. However, two things majorly handicapped a stellar performance this particular season. 1) My stomach was cramping. Every race my gut would cramp, sometimes the left side, sometimes the right, sometimes right in where my womb would be, but I cramped in almost 99% of my races. 2) I lost my heart. During this XC season I just couldn’t convince myself to “push” “it” during all but one of the races. The one race where I did push myself, I obliterated everyone but the leader of my team, AND i still felt like I could’ve done better. My training was above average, I was training fast enough to be #2 man by a good 20 second margin, but come the races I couldn’t push myself.

Track 06’: This season was probably my biggest let-down. All of my injuries ganged up on me :frowning: but only a little bit at a time. I held them off and was able to train. But the transition to a distance-type training program, along with the intense rains kept me from doing the workouts that I NEEDED to do to run well. That and I’m a pussy, but more on that later. I couldn’t improve my times.

I’ll post pictures of my foot/running form a bit later. This aint a finished post.

warning: Ugly Feet!

I hope I’ve explained my past enough. If you want to help me and have questions, I’ll try and clear up the issues.

My present situation is this: After my track season I took a few weeks off and have been getting injured all season. My damnable arch has been putting me out for weeks at a time. I’m now four weeks behind FOUR WEEKS! I"m still at day 0… Anyway I’m very far behind and I don’t know if I’ll be able to run with the big XC boys. The idea I’m currently toying with is that I am going to just concede this season. I’m not going to struggle through it injured. I"m going to start in August prepairing for the track team. However I need some help with a couple issues. Okay one.

Why haven’t I been improving?

What can I do about my arch?

What other questions should I be asking?

How totally awesome am I?

Can you guess when the last time I cleaned my feet was?

Thanks much,

It’s all bad karma from not keeping your journal up to date! Seriously, glad to see you haven’t left the forum.

Have you done any foot strengthening exercises like barefoot running, EMS on the soles, towel grabs… Are you keeping your lower leg musculature limber: self-massage, foam roller on the soleus/anterior tibialis?

That 1:56 season was magic, eh?

Dude, few ways to correct your feet problem.
Calf raises wearing joggers, go heavy and slow and hold at top and bottom. do burns at end. you will find you feet if they are weak they will be screaming. + it streatches out ya calfs too.
Work on developing your front shin muscle strength and flexability.
As said, ems on ya feet.
You can also do drills as part of ya warm up.
Also, at 51sec pace, i would expect a faster 800, but because ya 1500 is so slow, that area is what is holding you back. Get more staying power.

(It’s my 1600 time, not 1500, but yah It’s my “weakest link”)

I don’t know when I’ll start my running journal again, I’m not really interested in collegiate cross country (or AS interested as I was at the begining of the summer). The cross country coach from Sacramento State was kind of stand-off-ish, told me to get to 70 miles a week and then try out for the team in september. Well… I haven’t gotten to 70 miles, and I don’t plan on getting that high at all. I think I can have a better track season if I keep my milage low, and focus on improving my strength from 3mins-10mins, rather then from 80mins-120mins.

I haven’t tried to do specific work for my calves. When I do track work, (not so much during summer distance training) I regularly do a number of drills one of which is to walk on my toes with my “heals in” and with my “heels out”. Also I do a-skips, b-skips, butt-kicks, high-knees, high-knee-butt-kicks. Should I continue to do those drills in addition to calf raises? Should i do the calf raises in the before or after workouts?

I haven’t tried ems on the feet. I don’t have an EMS box, should I just stick copper wire in a light socket and zap the sole of my foot? Seems like it might work… :smiley:

lol, yeah, just do the tight rope thing on high power lines!!

yeah, dem drills good. i would do the calf raises n front shin muslce strength work at end of run session. though, you will more than likely find, that for a wk or two, you will find it harder to run cause the stresses of weak lower body muscles tryiing to get stronger. So guage that n dont go overboard.
as for the 80miles per wk. I ran my best 10k time (31.5 ish) and 8k (24.5) off doing approx 50k wk. NO massive runs, just lots of intervals. a 10k race say once every 3wks or so. a 5k race every wk or so. and 1 day off wk.
when i went to the AIS, running up to 100k wk, my 8k time was up around 27 or so. too much working on longer distance times and ignoring race pace speed work.
You goto get good foot wear. Massage, tens, strength work on shin and calf.

I’ve talked with my old HS coach and he suggested that it would be best if I trained with the team, even if I wasn’t competitive, simply because it is MUCH easier to train when you’ve a team to train with. Too many college distractions. I agree, I don’t schedual my “free time” I fill up every non-vital hour with video games :D.

Those are respectable times BOldwarrior, did you train solo or with a college? Where?

I definately seem to flurish off of the lower-milage work, myself. Quality quantity, not quantities of quantity, seems to be the best way for me to build my “base”.

i coached myself, and trained one other at the same time.
In a small country town (25k) people. and i was approx 7hrs drive from any major area.
I would like to train again for that distance, but am worried about loosing too many kgs in bodyweight. Geez i was skinny doing that work.