Anyone got a clue to what this could be?

Since four weeks back I have experienced pain around what I believe is called the “medial epicondyle”. The pain will radiate a bit up the side and the back of the thigh and often there will be pain on the other side too.

The pain is felt when walking and will get worse and worse until I stop and rest. Sometimes it feels like the lower part of the thigh are “tied in a knot”.
When seated there is usually no pain.
I can do a normal hamstring-stretch with slightly bent knee, but with a straight leg the pain is felt.

I don’t know what caused it, but what I did for practice was run 2540 meters, with the last three runs done with severe “kicking out the back.”
This was followed by some deep-squatting, where I went slightly deeper than usual and also tried hard to prevent the knees from coming too close together at the “sticking-point”.
I felt no pain until a couple of hours past training.

DOMS? :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

There is a lot going on around the “medial epicondyle” area, you have muscle, nerves, tendons and ligaments to deal with… Having said that it could be a muscle knot, pinched nerves, or something else… In the case of muscle knot, ART would come in handy. But, I wouldn’t be surprise if a pinched nerve is invovled. Nevertheless, you must see a sports doctor/physio to get it properly diagnosed.

Could be a combination of the two suggestions. Get in to see a sports doc to see what’s going on.

Sounds like sciatic nerve involvement as the nerve is “relaxed” with a bent knee stretch and “taunt” when a SLR is performed. Could be from low back or piriformis. Get it checked.

BTW, your medial epicondyle is on your distal humerus.