Overview of periodization methods for Resistance Training

Here is one of mine articles I have wrote regarding various periodization methods for strength training…
Overview of periodization methods for Resistance Training

Enjoy it, and please share your comments!

Mladen Jovanovic

Anyone read it? Any feedback?

I am looking forward for some critiques, suggestions etc! thanks

I read both of your recent articles. I especially enjoyed Training Planning and Programming. I have nothing critical to say about it! The article was very well written and easy to understand.

Some excerpts that I found interesting:
"What is the purpose of the training plan which must be undertaken by all costs if it doesn’t bring the desired results? "

“For the same reasons, training program must not be too long nor too precise, because it (training program) cannot take into consideration changes in the environment and oscilations in the working capacity of the athlte and his biorhythm (9). Attempts to develop precise training programms for longer time period, are in start „doomed“ and represent mis-spend time and energy.”

Thanks mortac8! I am really glad you like both articles!

Anyway, the “Overview of periodization methods…” have just beem published at EliteFTS, but unfortunally without pictures… I suppose Jim Wendler or James Smith had hard time converting MicroSoft Vision® images to JPGs :slight_smile:

The above link for original paper has expired, so If anyone else is interested in getting original copy I could re-fresh the link (put the doc file again).
Thanks for interest!

I downloaded it but haven’t had a chance to read it, hopefully this weekend :smiley:


The link has expired. Post this as an attachment please. We dont support outside links.



How do you mean in attachment? I can only put pics (JPG, GIF) in attachment :confused:
It is pretty large file, about 1MB!

“Overview of periodization methods for resistance training” article is now aviable to download at James Smith’s website powerdevelopmentinc.com. The file has 3MB so be patient :slight_smile:
Thanks James!