Overview of my Training program in next 3 weeks

I am going to go off the 3+1 method of periodization and it will look something like this:

I am a 100m runner and discus and shot thrower.

Mon- Accel Developement then ME and SE LB
Tue- Tempo run or Sled dragging then RE LB
Wed- Off
Thurs- Max Velocity then ME and SE UB
Fri- Tempo run or Sled dragging then RE UB
Sat- Sled sprints then RE total body
Sun- Off

The sequence is High/Low/Off/High/Low/High/Off

Sled Sprints are included because I don’t really care about my running form Football is first and track is second.

ME- Max Effort
SE- Sub-maximal Effort
RE- Repetition Effort

Comments necessary…

If football first, why do max velocity work? How intense are these RE days?

What are you doing for throwing?

I do max V. to improve my acceleration, the faster I am the faster my acceleration will be or something like that.

The RE days are low in terms of intensity.

If I can I throw on my High intensity days.

What are you doing though? WSB normally does this to failure or close to, which would definitely be inducing some CNS fatigue.

Max V work would make you accelerate longer, but I don’t see how it would necessarily make your acceleration better. Someone else can clarify if this is correct, but I don’t see how it could improve your accel other than extending it (how necessary is that for a tight end / lineback / dline guy?).

For my RE total body day its going to look like this:

RE DB Raised Reverse Lunges – 12, 10, 8 same weight
RE Standing leg curls– 3 x 10-12ea
RE Rope pull to face- 3x15 w/ 5lbsDO
RE Preacher Curl - 12, 10, 8 same weight

Nothing is extremely taxing just doing bodybuilding stuff but low intensity.

For Max V. If it helps me accelerate longer wouldn’t that involve an increase or at least the potential for an increase in a faster 40 yard dash. Also I have my final HS outdoor track season so I want a better 100m time.


I don’t think that “total body” day means that if you add up all the exercises at the end of the day you will have hit all the body “parts”, and therefore had a “total body” workout.

Preacher curls??? How about a couple of sets of chin-ups or pull-ups instead.

Standing hamstring curls??? How about SLDL,
GM’s, RDL, or ban pull throughs.

Just a thought.