Overtraining and spring break

Does overtraining ever have a purpose? My spring break from school is coming in a few weeks and I am concerned with my speed and strength gains dropping off too much. I was thinking of either putting two high intensity speed days back to back before I leave on my cruise. Im hoping that this will run down my CNS enough so that the week off of speed training won’t affect my current status. Any thoughts on whether this is an okay idea or how I might do this in a better way. Break fortunaelty comes between indoor and outdoor seasons and Il be gone for abt a week.

A Week?!? Did I read that right? Don’t worry about it. Time it so that the week off follows 3-4 of your usual training weeks. (3 weeks on 1 week easy Meso-).

Sneak away a Med Ball with you if you must. Tempo, Strides, Drills etc. and you’ll come back flying. Not worth frying your CNS over…

Overtraining never has a purpose.

Can I interpret this as a question of whether or not one can decrease the effects of a cruise and all it entails? I would try to remember that too much of anything is not good, as in overtraining (Charlie summed it up above). Need I say more? Hope that I´m wrong. Actually, it´s none of my business, but I was curious.