over training

What do you recommend to help an athlete who has come from a program of over training?

I was thinking lots of tempo and half the planned workouts, and if this correct how long?

I just recently acquired three new athletes that were doing up to 900m of volume a day three times a week.



This is what the athletes have been doing
OFF Day workouts are Tempo maximum 3000m at 60% on their own

Day one Speed
Conitnous warm -up
10 mins skipping - with drills
speed ladder
2-3 x 3 step
2-3 x 2 step
8-10 times race model at 40m
32 x 3 x 60-80
running a’s 4-8 x 40m

Day 2 Speed Endurance
continous warm up
10 mins skipping - drills
hurdle and mini hurdle drills
2-3 x 3 step
2-3 x 2 step
8-10 x race model 40 m
2-3 x 120 -150
4-8 x 40 running A’s 20m Lung 20m

Day 3
Continous Warm up
Lots of Drills never over 20 m
2-3 x 3 step
2-3 x 2 step
8 - 10 race model 60m
Practice time decision if speed or speed endurance
4-8 running A’s 40m

Charlie Please let me know what is the next step, right now we are ending our indoor season and have a short month or so before outdoor begins. You remember the lovely spring in Canada

Probably do not remember but I met you in Montreal in 1988 Olympic Trials, from my mentor Brent McFarlane, in the lovely hospitality suite. You gotta love free beer.


Sorry, still need more details to comment on the total workload- other than to say I’ve always hated the speed ladder, as it moves the sprint process from the hind-brain, which is fast, to the fore-brain, which is slow. What do the circuits consist of? Also there is an incredible amount of work being done before the sprint- work, which is the key componant. Key componants in training, such as speed work, should always occur first after the warm-up, when abilities and concentration are the highest.

I’d need to see the details of the previous program to comment. Though lowering intensity for a period is usually the cure.