Ostopath or Chiro

I had an accident (went over the handlebars on an extra steep portion and landed on the top of my head :rolleyes:) while mountain biking last Sunday and the force was absorbed in my traps which are still a bit, but not majorly, tight on Thursday evening. Not being someone who gets a lot of treatment I would be interested in whether people suggest a Chiro or Osteopath?


I’d suggest osteopath first. Had both Chiro is good, but found Osteo a bit more holistic in the approach.

I would go Chiro 1st - get re-alignend then go see either a Osteo (costs more) or a massage person (they CAN at times cost the same as a osteo)
Just seeing a chiro without getting the muscles fixed can pull the bones back out if they are real bad tight.
Just getting the muscles fixed but ur bones are out too far, well, it’ll still hurt.
Find a chiro who does massage too! you’ll get a pre-chiro massage, chiro then a massage. Sweet.

I used to have a guy, who did massage, acupuncture and chiro - he was also a Dr but doesnt practice it anymore. Too bad he is 7hrs drive away!

I don’t want to divert the intention of this thread, but I was wondering if any non-US members could elaborate on the differences between osteopaths and chiropractors outside the US based on their experiences with both.

The reason why I ask is that in the US (where osteopathic medicine began), osteopaths are fully trained and licensed physicians and surgeons who also happen to learn manipulation as part of their training. As it happens, my father is a (US) osteopath who is a radiologist.


hmmm not sure what to do. Today is Friday and actually a heap better so will see how it goes over the weekend.


If you have plenty of dosh or private insurance see an osteo, otherwise it is nohing more than a bit of a bump and you’ll get over it.

You KIWI’s are tough buggers anyway.

shit yeah :cool: actually that she’ll be right is part of our problem. It wasn’t / isn’t actually that sore but it still isn’t quite right so I think I will get it checked out. I found a place that has Osteo’s, physio and massage people so will go there.

finally managed to get someone to look at my neck yesterday. Turns out C3 had popped and T2 compressed along with some other longer standing issues. What was meant to be 10 mins acupuncture ended up being about 40 and then some manipulation. Have another appointment tomorrow.

geez!! you might find, if its been there some time, as it sounds like it has, then you might have to have a few repeat visits? and the odd one every few months or half a yr for yrs n yrs.

on the practitioner. I have seen many chiropractors who are good and many who are bad. Smae with osteopaths. The education is roughly the same, just D.O’s and MD’s have greater depth in pharmacology, pharmcokinetics, and pharmacodynamics. You just need to do some digging to find good people. I have seen chiros like Mike Prebeg and Mark Scapaticci work and I doubt you will find ANY MD’s or DO’s who know recovery from injury better. Good luck in your search. I know all too well that good therapy is hard to find.