what do you guys think about oscillation in the weightroom something like below:

back squats/depth drops x5
2x80 1-2x2x85 2x80 2x85 2x80

snatch dl/slj x2
2x80 1-2x2x85 2x80 2x85 2x80

fsq/depth drops x5
2x80 1x2x85 2x80 2x85

no comments?

I’m wondering why such a small difference in weight.

what do u mean small diff in weights:

its gonna be a 3-1-3 strength cycle, these are the target %:

wk 1: 80%

wk 2: 85

wk 3: 90

wk 4: 75-80x3x3

wk 5: 90

wk 6: 95

wk 7: 100+

should i have more variation in my %'s on mon-wed-fri. the reason why i have small variation in the intensity, bc the lifts are diff and have diff 1 rep maxes = diff stress levels.

Ok I see that now, never mind.