Origins , Insertions?? how do they heal?

Suffering from hamstring insertion injury and doing all the ’ light training’ one man can do! ( i think )

as it was very light pull, i carried on training as i thought nothing of it…
with no change or improvement in its status, i am now wondering what else i can do to help myself?

Any suggestions?

read this first:

Treatment of muscle damage and tendon damage differs though doesn’t it?

I would see a doctor or a good PT first to get an exact diagnosis.

When did this happen?
It could be any number of reasons, poor flex. tight hip flexors, trauma, overtraining, poor nutrition etc. - it could be anything!
Most often injuries at insertions are reflecting a weakness or abnormality originating somewhere else along the muscle.
Consult a physio or PT as fluke says and get them to check it out.
They should be fit to identify the cause very quickly and perhaps even address it in one session.

thanx for the quick responces guys.
i have seen to pt’s and not had any positive outcomes to what they have told me to do. stretching , ice & heat , and massage. The problem isnt getting any better after 3weeks… i am looking to get an appointment with a top pt in the uk, but until then … i’m a bit snookerd… :frowning:

has anyone ever had a similar problem?

If it is a tendon overuse injury, then I have had a similar problem, more than 10 times in my arms and legs, ranging in cause from doing a Donald Chu plyometric program (2 hamstrings and patellar ligament at the same time) to using a mouse on the PC too much(together with typing), and driving my car in the wrong position.

Using methods to cool the area makes the pain go away for an hour or so, but does not heal the injury. The only method I have found to recover is too rest the affected limb for between 2 weeks and 3-4 months, depending on the severity of the injury. Thats just my experience, there is a wealth of accumulating evidence on the subject of what causes tendon injuries, and the proper methods to treat them (inflamation versus alternative), since the late 90’s, but the old theories die hard.

Kev, only just realised it was you…did just reply to another post of yours. I’d try MSM and/or DMSO, plus glucosamine and chondroitin. Anyone any comments? Anyway Kev, I’ll speak to you soon - I’ll be back at the track next week.