Optimum knee angle

Does anyone have any research on what would generally be regarded as the optimum knee angle during the support phase of sprinting at top speed? Anything to improve this? I did a search and could not find this info. Thanks

i think theoretically the best angle would be 180 degrees or perfectly straight. of course this isnt possible so the closest you could get to that would be better. the closer to 180 the better you are able to absorb the impact and thus transfer the energy back into the ground(ie plyometric strength). the more the bend the farther your hips will dip as well.

I’m not sure but theres an article in the winter addition of usatf track coach magazine

the support leg should be perpendicular to the ground. right? i have been studying the “analyze this” thread and it seems that few athletes can attain the ideal support leg angle. most of my athletes land a little ahead of bdc (bottom dead center) and exhibit less than ideal “leg stiffness”.