Optimal stretching

Hello everyone! I am chronically tight in almost every muscle in my body…I am already working with a lot of PNF(instant fix) and Triggers Points(full time job).

I have read the microstretching sheet and this made me think, maybe PNF is the thing that make things worse. Even If I do let myself 48h between PNF It seems that my muscles are not getting the loose relaxing feeling. I feel flexible right after PNF stretching and then 24h after I am tight again…All Orthotherapist and my prof at University are sold to PNF, but I am not getting the long term results.

Protocol I want to try:

The night before training
Microstretching (effect lasting 24-48h???)

Before training
Microstretching (10-15s instead of 1min) PNF only on tight muscles (instant fix lasting effect 4-12h???)
then active stretching


My questions are:

#1-What is everyone experience with methods like PNF, microstretching?

#2-After the static stretching investigation protocol in the warm-up you have 1-2 muscles that are tight, what is your protocol?

I know that active stretching is not a good thing on tight muscles…

I know that microstretching can reduce muscle tone a bit, but may take some accumulation of work

[b]#3 Charlie once said that instead of focusing on further stretching he would go back to increasing body temperature (by doing some light jog) then return to stretching ??? Am I right on that one?

#4 Charlie: PNF must not be done on tight muscle? I am not sure It was him, or someone on the forum…[/b]

N.B -PNF is contract-relax 4-6s contraction 8-12s stretch usually 2-3 reps, 2-3 sets

Remember that spinal misalignment can cause a multitude of tightness issues that may be resolved upon resolution of said spinal/hip misalignment…not always something that you can totally fix on your own.

Yeah I have my pattern and I know all muscles that must have an emphasis. The only way It seems to work for me It’s by doing trigger points a full time job…

Some on the forum like nightmare4d & Jules had great experience with microstretching with their chronically issues.

Well let’s just say that I have been to several therapists who nickel and dime you to death by fixing the most glaring issue each visit (tight neck, lat, psoas, whatever) and the problem always seems to return within a week later which keeps you coming back for more. I have found that visits where a therapist improves my spine, sacrum, and hip alignment leave me with a much long lasting resolution of issues. For example, fixing a rotated lumbar/sacrum issue not only was a good fix in and of itself but also resulted in resolution of trap, lat, psoas, quad, etc tightness.

Yeah, the funny thing is that my most longer injury free period was always when I had no external therapy (done by professionals) but I agree with the pattern.

Chiro also helped and I would qualify chiro as quick fix

As POLIQUIN said: Easy come, easy gone

His protocol for optimal stretching is:


from neural to structural
from short lasting effect to longer lasting effect

P.S - The ultimate warrior was AWESOME, he was one of my hero http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laiZgrIpbcA

If you are not getting “long lasting effects” you have to also consider diet/nutrient intake as well as chronic postural patterns (sitting at a desk all day? riding in a car for several hours?, repetitive labor?, suboptimal weight training form?, etc).

lol on the ultimate warrior video. that video produced several PRs for one of my guys. any time he felt like shit he would just flip out and recite some lines from that (“should I lay on the lawn and let them run over me with lawnmowers?!”) and be good to go:)

WOW! your fast twitch lol

I sit at my chair like a man who have no spine TOUCHÉ!
One of my past training partner did the same, maybe worse than me

60m 6.66
300m 33.68

Already tried to sleep on my back on my chiro recommandation
results: not been able to fall asleep for 3 days…the fourth day I said FUCK OFF!!!

btw I am on a good training sequence (for me It’s 2 weeks without any (what the fuck went wrong training))

I am still interested In your own experiences with for example what you do when there is 1-2 tight muscle before training?

When you work with athletes you can manage tight muscles in different way, stretching is a basic approach but sometimes isn’t the best and the fast fix solution for this kind of problem.
My way is to work with manual therapy, static/pnf stretching, taping, ARP/EMS like device, spinal work.
There isn’t a specific recipe.

In a really general way, I use jump stretch band for restore flexibility.

Then specific drills can be the second step.

I think this is a great point, to often have i worked with athletes who have been told by therapists that because they have tight hammies that they need to stretch them more and more. When most likely yes your hammies are tight, but so is something else and not allowing the hammies to loosen up. That alignment that is spoken of above is important. The body is a system that is connected and if something is wrong its likely is something up the chain thats effecting it.

All great post!

[b]#3 Charlie once said that instead of focusing on further stretching he would go back to increasing body temperature (by doing some light jog) then return to stretching ??? Am I right on that one?

#4 Charlie: PNF must not be done on tight muscle? I am not sure It was him, or someone on the forum…[/b]

try your regular dynamic warm-up and then as you increase your power and speed application, rub anything that is still tight after the rep. Like if you slept on an arm or something and you woke up with it numb, the way you rub it to get the blood moving back to that area. And repeat until its right. So many things hinder blood flow, and this will help accomplish what your warm-up is intending to do.

Your protocol is?

static stretching as needed
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