Optimal Soccer Training

Hey guys,

Ive struggled with serious injuries over the past 2 years, but finally it looks all clear and am back in training. Unfortunately i don’t have a club at present, but i was thinking of training hard till next season and getting some trials with some clubs.

What i would like to know is what would be optimal for helping my speed//strength/agility without training with a club? I dont have any committments other than university, so its an ideal situation to train full bore.

I was thinking of hitting the sprints twice a week, tempo once a week and weights twice a week (low volume).

Im not entirely sure so some help would be great, btw im 190lbs, 6ft and my flexibility is very good, a problem i do have is that i have too much muscle. After 2 years off soccer i did some bodybuilding, therefore i would need to reduce some mass (especially in the legs).

any help would be appreciated,


I would say just follow the normal schedule of 3 speed days and 3 tempo days a week with your weights 2x on Monday or Friday after your speed work.
I’ll post what chris30 usually posts and i believe doing that way would help the best.

Monday- speed/weights
Tuesday- tempo
Wednesday- speed/weights
Thursday- tempo
Friday- speed/weights
Saturday- tempo
Sunday- rest

I also play soccer, but im a lot smaller at 5’10 150 lbs. I dont believe that your too big look at guys like zinadine zidan, beckham’s pretty big along with many other greats, i feel the only disadvantage of being big is that sometimes their endurance is not up too par, but the advantages outweigh the negatives. I have a soccer training regimen that i do that has imporved my footwork a pretty lot and helped out my agility. Also, it is hard to train fully and work on your shot because that takes a lot of power from your upper leg to your hip. U2U me if you would like anything.

Yeah that routine sounds pretty much like what i’d want to do.

But refering to size, the likes of Zidane, Ronaldo weigh between 170-175lbs whereas im at 190lbs at the same height range. I know ita hampering me because my acceleration feels so slow.

My only issue with sprint training three times a week is recovery wise, can you recover from a 3 times per week full bore program?

I thought ronaldo was shorter than you because if hes 170 and look at the size of his legs you would say he’s smaller than 6’0. what do you mean full bore because im only talking about acceleration work like just 200 meters and between the 10-30 m range because explosive power and first step quickness is a lot more important than someones 200 time.

Nah Ronaldo is 6’0, but he weighs in at 183lbs (sorry my mistake) http://www.thekingronaldinho.t2u.com/ :slight_smile:

By full bore i mean like really hard work, ala pre-season, seeing as i wont be playing matches i want to work really hard on getting to a high standard. Yeah a 10-30m range would be perfect.

Thanks for replies, they have been really helpful.

Ronaldo may not be the best example.

Whilst still one of the world’s best, he has put on some weight (mainly fat by the look of him) since the World Cup final.

The President of Real Madrid has already warned him about his lifestyle (he likes clubbing).

IMHO, legs’ muscle isn’t a problem
You must concentrate in improving acceleration and agility
Search in this forum how to organizate your wo
Probably, 3 speed day a weed without a recovery strategy isn’t a good idea
Also, you must think about resistence


PS: ok, newspaper write ronaldo is 6 feet but the real height is 5’11 (179- 180 cm)

Well i do have a recovery and resistance strategy as i mentioned earlier. Im currently doing 3 weights sessions a week, 2 focusing on the posterior chain and one on other areas such as shoulders, arms and chest.

Im also doing recovery work of 2 times per week. Its just that im keen to maximise my sprinting ability with this free-time i possess.

btw thats a big difference there, all of 1" !!!

i think about message etc


Ronaldo is 183 cm. He was about 182 cm till he turned 20, then he grew 1 cm and became 183 cm.(which also caused knee troubles)

Rock N Roll, haven’t you been posting this info before under another name…?

I agree on your comments about Zidane and Beckham, but I doubt Rommedahl has his speed from cycling. Besides any mid-level local sprinter would have smoked him over any distance.

As for your comments on alternating speed and tempo days…
How come sprinters, those who live by their speed remember, get faster and lighter by doing this?

I actually did cycling 6 times a week for 4 months before I turned to sprinting last year, and while I went from 83 kg down to 75 kg by cycling alone, I have lost even more by doing tempo three times a week, while at the same time doing weights on my three speed-days. Besides the actual playing of soccer could be regarded as tempo anyway.

“Cheers for the joke, Haven’t read anything as funny in a long while…”

Why are you so cocky? It’s fact… I know a lot about Ronaldo.

And I disagree totally with the “road cycle theory”. Spending 3-6 hours on the bike several times in a week will just ruin u as a soccer player. Why don’t u use ur old nick? banned?


Rock, I didn’t mean to sound like I disrespect your opininon, but you present it in such a strong manner it sounds like the only solution imaginable.
I’m sure it has worked for you, but couldn’t another way of doing it work just as good, or even better?

I have seen cyclists run who have been professional on the continent and it is not a pretty sight, more like jumping than running. In a way the total opposite of soccer-players, who often run with short choppy strides.

Do you really think that a dramatic shortening of the hamstrings will make you faster over any distance? Do you think that because you have limited flexibility your movements will be faster? The opposite is true! For soccer-players in general, an increase in flexibility would mean an increase in speed.

No matter what distance you run, there must be a perfect relationship between stride-frequency and stride-lenght. Choosing to develop the one over the other will lead to a decrease in speed. This is where the real sprinters leave the other athletes behind.

Or are you saying that David Millar, who is a lightweight and pushes big gears, are a speed-demon off the bike too? What about Chris Boardman?

You asked for suggestions. This whole site is full of suggestions. I suggest you use the search function for a start.

Start by opening your mind and reading through the posts on this forum. A quicker way to learn it is to take a look at any of the books Charlie has written.

Until you do that, I’ll be looking for Lance Armstrong in the 100m finals in Athens…

As well don’t you think if the cyling method was so great in developing speed sprinters would be using it? Or other athletes would be on a bike rather than sprinting…

Ah - now I know it all.

How silly I was - I never cycled and now I am slow …

Charlie, HSI, CT and everyone else is wrong - Rock ‘n’ Roll is right!!!.

Guys imagine how fast Ben could have run if he’d been cycling in training!