Oni's 05/06 Training

Hey guys, i finally decided that it’s about time i get my butt off the couch and do something since summer vacation is approaching too, just 3 more weeks :eek: . Meanwhile, during this 3 weeks, I will do some … what should i say … pre-gpp workouts :slight_smile: Just to shake my rust off, anyway after 3 weeks of this, I will do a test before i finally begin. I won’t be running during this “pre-gpp phase” though, since i dont have a running shoe yet :rolleyes: . Anyways, here are my max from about 5 months ago, which was the last time i lifted weights, and my PR of this season.

Ht: 5’ 9"
Wt: 155lb
Age: 17

Bench: 195lb
Squat: 255
Deadlift: 275

100m (2003): 12.0
200m (2004): 24.2
400m (2004): 54
Long Jump (2005): 18’ 5"

Supplements I’m currently on:

Whey Protein
Cytomax Recovery Drink
SPIKE (soon)
Power Drive (soon)
ZMA (soon)

Oh dear!
I thought you were training already for your 400 m??
I guess I was wrong… :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish i could, but i couldnt :o track season just ended a couple of weeks ago and i had a lot of school work to catch up to, so i pushed everything to summer :wink:

Ok, school is kinda important, too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!



-Drank some protein shake an hour prior to workout.

Warm up:

-1x10 115lb Bench
Feeling a little heavy there :eek: i hope my 1rm hasnt gone down…

-Hanging in pull-up position static stretch
My favorite stretch :smiley:

Today’s workout

-3x10 135lb bench
Missed the last rep of the 3rd set. Feeling rusty from not benching in a while.

-3x100lb incline bench
-3x Circuit Training ( 6x 65lb Curl, 3 Pull-Ups, 3 min cardio run)

Calves felt tight after the first set, had to stretch it out for a while.
Arm mechanic during the 3rd set of cardio run was bad, due to fatigue from the other arm exercises.


Protein Drink
2 capsules of BCAA



-Multivitamin during dinner
-Fish Oil/Lecithin
-Will take Zinc before i go to sleep

So far so good, i don’t feel any soreness yet. Hopefully it stays like that,



Warm Up:

-1x10 65lb squat
fast and explosive
-1x10 115lb squat
fast and explosive


-3x10 165lb Squat
Fast and easy, i will increase the weight next session.

5x Standing Triple Jump
3x5 Rim Jumps
3x5 Low Depth Jump

-Relatively easy, i might consider increasing the number of plyos i do next session,
-I was suppose to do power clean, but i was too lazy to set it up :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey oni,

Me and you have the exact same ideas. Track season ended a few weeks ago for me and i havent ran at all due to too much schoolwork, and I plan on starting a 2 week “pre-gpp phase” on monday. Then I will move into some real gpp training. I am also training for the 400 like you…

Cool =] good luck to your training. Maybe we can help each other out :cool:



Nothing much today, 20 min cardio run and rest.

LOL, Oni!
I still don’t get this Pre-GPP thing; would GPP^GPP [GPP-squared] be a better way of typing it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha it can be in anyway you like it niko :smiley: but dont worry it will be over in…a week. I just have to call what i’m doing right now something :cool:



3x10 Bench @ 135lb
3x8 Military Press @ 75lb

and that’s it =] i have lots of hw today :mad:

tomorrow will be my last day of “pre-gpp”, then i’ll do a high intensity session, rest, and test before beginning my 05/06 training :cool:



-30 min cycling
-6x Standing Triple Jump
-1x Standing Long Jump
-felt really fatigue so ceased session

*i think the standing triple jump has been helping me. I’ve been doing them for nearly a month and my leg feels really reactive. My single leg vertical jump has even gone up.

I suppose, you could leave the bike work for post-session, if at all of continuous nature -unless this is a means to get you to the track…?

A normal warm-up should allow (all) your jumps to be done with quality.

O i didn’t plan the cycling. I had to bike to my friend’s house to drop off something. But by the time i got home, my quad was filled with lactic already so i didn’t really feel like squating =]

Pre-Test Session


-normal upper body warmup

3x3 Bench Press @ 165lb
-5 min recovery between sets

5x3 Pull-Ups

  • I did some ab workout prior to this, the abs burned so badly when i did pull ups

That’s all for today, gosh it’s getting so hot lately. I’m gonna have to shift my track workout towards the morning during the summer.


Session postponed till tomorrow due to track banquet :stuck_out_tongue:


3x3 165lb Bench Press
-5 min recovery
Repped it faster and easier than monday

6xOne-Stepped Triple Jump
-Oops been telling the wrong thing. All this time I’ve been doing this not STJ.
-Distance jumped is improving minimally

4x20m Frog Hop
-Ouchh haven’t done this in a while, the shock from each landing is like BAM.

3x3 Low Depth Jump
-Strange, i should be able to jump higher than my CMJ but i didn’t today, hmm…

Well, just two more sessions till i test.



3x3 165lb Bench PRess
-5 min recovery

Can’t do much today, didn’t get home from school till dinner time. Just 1 more week of school and it’s over :smiley:

I was looking at the league champions’ result for this year. I think i have a shot at it. 200m champion ran 22.79, 400m champion ran 49.7, and the long jump champion jumped 21’ 11".