One Day a Week Heavy!

Hey guys,

I was talking to my track coach today about lifting, and he said that a good way to train is train the legs hard one day of the week. Olympic three days, and only lift hard one day. He said that the key to gains is recovery.

what are your thoughts on this?


What times do the sprinters run who have been under the guidance of your coach for some time?

Results speak.


not sure, I was just wondering how this method of lifting was.

Recovery is a big topic with sprints;
1: How heavy is heavy? If it really takes a week to recover, it’s too much.
2; How big must the “training waves” be? Driving the organism down that much would only ever make sense if it was related to the key performance element- sprinting itself (ie a big PB). Everything else must be subordinate.
3: It’s always better to undertrain than overtrain. With such a big fluctuation, you are always in danger of having such a prolonged and gradual return to the baseline that the body (which always seeks homeostasis) recognizes it and you get no supercompensation at all for you efforts (to say nothing of the risk of injury).

When Ben and team mates did their 6 rep squats, what percentages of their one rep maximum did they use? I’m guessing it was usually around 80 % ?

I ask becuase after doing 1 rep sets (3 to 4 days per weak) for the last 3 weaks (making new pb’s but platued after just 10 days), I’m now considering using less than 80%. By getting away from the very upper intensity levals I’m hoping that I’ll go longer before the stagnation comes back. I’ll still push it though, even higher reps if nessecary.

We never did a 1RM and never went below 6 for squat reps, as things were getting pretty heavy. You then have two variables to play with, and you can alternate, if you’re lifting 3x/wk. Either 80% of 6RM for 6 or 3 or 4 reps at, or near, the 6RM weight. you can also go to a holding pattern with the squat and move up another lift, like the bench if you use it. Any decision in this area must be based on the effect it has on speed work.