On the Grind: My Endless Pursuit of Athletic Aspiration

The shit that I have is really bad but it goes away 1-2 days once I return home. Mainly my eyes goes to shit, my allgergist performed a skin/blood test 2 weeks ago and prescribed some eye drops (patanol).

I’ll have to see if I can do something about mine. I usually get congested or sneezy. I also get tired from not doing anything usually.

Saturday, 8-7-10

Warmup (400yd jog on grass, hip mobility)

3 x 5 x 100yds, 30sec/2min

Week 7, 8-9-10

Warmup (1 Lap jog, hip mobility, hurdle mobility, sprint drills, MB Throws)

Speed Work:
2 x 20m from facedown
2 x 20m from High Start
2 x 30m from 4pt
2 x EFE
2 x FEF

MB Throws: 12lb
5 x OHB
5 x BLF
5 x Push press throw

Power Skips Height/Distance - 2 x 5

Pause Squats - 135 x 5, 225 x 5, 4 x 5 w/ 265
GHR - 2 x 8

Sprints felt good today. Haven’t done GHRs from a machine in a while.

Tuesday, 8-10-10

Warmup (1 Lap jog, hip mobility, sprint drills)

Tempo - 8 x 100m, 30sec rest

Pause Bench - 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 4 x 5 w/ 185
A1). DB Row - 3 x 8, 65lb
A2). DB Rear Raise - 3 x 10
B1). Rope Pressdown - 6 x 10
B2). Cable Curl - 6 x 10

Training in Austin tomorrow, looking forward to it.

Wednesday, 8-11-10

Warmup (1 Lap jog, hip mobility, sprint drills, MB Throws, light accels)

2 x 60m, 7.05 (3.94-3.11fly) 7.07(3.97, 3.10fly)
1 x 150m, 17.64 (split 12.00 in the first 100m)
Rested 10min imbetween sprints.

Wasn’t too disappointed in my 60 times today. I mean I did get faster from the last time I got a 60 timed back in May which was 7.24. Weather conditions were terrible today, we were planning on running earlier in the day, but it started pouring and we had to restart the warmup and everything a few hours later. T-Slow was in town today and we both are benefitting from the coach we are working with. My coach says I am not getting enough hip height when I am at top speed and my transition still isn’t smooth. He says I really need more elaticity, and could really tell when I was running the 150. He mentioned my first 30m looks pretty good, and I’m a lot better overall than I was back in May.

How’s your training going overall?

Its gone very well. I just wish I could have been more consistent with the schedule. I was pretty consistent with all of the hard CNS days, but there were too many tempo days that I either missed or didn’t take seriously enough (didn’t have time to train on a lot of saturdays).

If you don’t make the team, what’s your plans?

I want to go ahead and prepare for the annual UH indoor all-comers meet. Probably the only indoor meet that I would have access to, but one meet is better than none. Any other ideas?

Try like 5, UH hold several indoor meets+AM.

Ok, I didn’t know that I could still run at a meet if it wasn’t an all-comers. That will be my plans then, thanks a lot.

Look at the results, they had tons of unattached runners last year.

Friday, 8-13-10

Warmup (1 Lap jog, hip mobility, sprint drills, MB Throws, light accels)

Speed Work:
2 x 30m, High Start
2 x 20yd finish drills form 20yds buildup
2 x 20yd finish drill from 30yd buildup

MB Throws: 8lb
4 x Hop Hop OHB
4 x Hop Hop BLF
2 x OHB
2 x BLF

Jump Circuit - 2x

Right adductor is giving me a lot of trouble, had to back off the speed work today because of it. It’s been sore for the past week or so. I’ve been foam rolling it a lot and its not improving a whole lot. The absent tempo/active recovery days are killing me. I’m paying for it now it seems like.

I think my right adductor is under a minor strain. I’m going to keep icing it and stretch it lightly with short holds. Foam rolling seems to just make things worse, as it is already inflammed quite a bit. Not really anything serious, I think I’ll be back Monday. My coach will do some tuneups before my workout which should help.

Looking back at my times from Wednesday’s workout, my 150m time is way out of proportion from my 60m time. After this tryout I’m really hoping to hammer the SE work.

Get my messages?

Monday, 8-16-10

Warmup (45min of light therapy, 1 Lap jog, hip mobility, sprint drills, MB Throws)

Easy accels:
3 x 10m
3 x 20m
1 x 30m (3.95)

MB Throws: 8lb Dynamax
10 x OHB
10 x BLF
10 x Vertical

Drove to Austin for some therapy and did what I could during the workout. After 20m, I would start to guard my right adductor during the accels. MB Throws didn’t bother it, so I just did those. It only hurts when I’m in hip extension with my knee flexed simultaneously. I have 15 days before the tryout and I’m getting kind of worried on how much I can do while taking care of this minor injury.

Tuesday, 8-17-10

Iced the adductor 4x and took the day off. Probably should have done some heavy upperbody work, but I’ll do that tomorrow.

Wednesday, 8-18-10

Ice + EMS, 4x

Thursday, 8-19-10

Warmup (1 lap jog, hip mobility, hudle mobility, sprint drills)

Upperboy Push:
Bench - 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 185 x 3, 205 x 1, 4 x 2 w/ 225
Incline DB Press - 2 x 8 w/ 65’s
Tricep Pressdown - 3 x 10

Friday, 8-20-10

Warmup (1 lap jog, hip mobility, hurdle mobility, sprint drills, MB Throws)

5 x 10yds (adductor started tightening up)

MB Throws: 12lb
10 x OHB
5 x BLF
5 x Height

Upperbody Pull:
Pullups - 3 x 10
DB Rows - 3 x 10, 47.5’s
BB Curls - 3 x 10

Adductor/pectineus felt a lot better today, the EMS and icing are paying off. I think if I can continue icing, ems, and stretching throughout the weekend, I can be back for my taper at full speed.

Nothing wild now buddy! You’ve got less than 10 days left, correct? You’ve got the speed and fitness, all you need to do is stay healthy and let the taper freshen you up. You will be jumping out of your skin on your tryout day. Any chance of getting a little therapy in before then?

Saturday, 8-21-10

Tempo: on grass/barefoot
2 x 5 x 100m, 30sec/2min

MB Circuit: 2 x 300

Iced, EMS, Self-massage+foam roll, Light Stretching, Epsom Salt bath, and DMSO+Ibuproffen on injury location.

Sunday, 8-22-10


I agree and yes I have less than 10 days left now. Frank says he’ll try to meet up with me next Sunday which will be 2 days before the tryout. My taper probably won’t be the way I want it to be because of this minor injury, but I’m hoping a small taper can keep me from being flat (at least a 5 day taper).

Right adductor/pectineus still isn’t 100% ready. I can now see a slightly dark bruise on it, it’s probably the exact same injury I had when I was overloading myself from the Plank Progression Series. I’m going to give the therapy a rest the next couple of days because I think I’m doing too much for it. I will probably still ice it just to eliminate any inflammtion.

Monday, 8-23-10

Warmup (1 Lap jog, hip mobility, hurdle mobility, sprint drills)

12 x 100m runs on track, 30-40sec rest

MB Throws: 12lb
5 x OHB, made a PB by throwing just under 18yds
5 x BLF

Bench - 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 205 x 1, 4 x 2 w/ 225

Right adductor/pectineus felt good, but the real test will be tomorrow when I do some accels. Wasn’t expecting to throw a PB in the MB throws today.