Olympicbars vs strenghtbars

Hello, I´m trying to put together a simple gym in my basement.

I got hold of a bar and some weights.

1.The thing is that I´m pretty sure that it is a strenght-bar and not an oly-bar, does anyone know if I´m still able to use it for powercleans, or mainly to squats, bench and so on…?

2.Antother thing is that someone had placed the bar standing up in the corner of the room, so it have been sligthly arched/bent, not much but if you look closley you can see it.
Does this make it useless or could I start use it? (powercleans also?)

I´m on the hunt for a better one, but as you know it aint cheap…


The bar was bent from using heavy weights. Squats, deads and shrugs.
A bar propped up in the corner can stand there for a thousand years and never bend. I would’nt clean or snatch with it because if it’s bent, I’ll assume it’s a poor quality bar and the sleeves probably won’t spin the way they should.

Bent bar + low/no sleeve spin = wrist and shoulder injuries.

I’ve never been comfortable doing any exercise with a bent bar. The bar always shifts when I take it off the rack. I always seem to pick it up on the concave.

Maybe arm work or light weight. Probably best to scrap it.

Correct me if I am wrong, an Oly bar is 45 lbs in weight and the Strength bar is not ( I cannot remember how heavy, but less), is this right?

Well all the bars at my gym are bent, you get used to it after a while :slight_smile:

I always have to rotate it so the curved part is facing upwards or else it will flip. But it is a pain with olys, especially cleans where the bar sometimes rolls out of my hands in the rack.
And none of these bars spin very well.

Anyway olympic bars made for olys have a bit of spring to them and spin very easily. The official ones anyway and cost an arm and leg :slight_smile:
Regular olympic bars are the same mostly but don’t flex as much and usually don’t spin as well, but this depends on the quality and make etc
Or do you mean the thinner bars which don’t spin?

No, this is good quality and regular, but old. I have to do the same thing, to rotate the curved part up.
It might be an oly-bar because it spins…