Olympic Weightlifting Post Meet Recovery

I just completed my first olympic weightlifting competition and it was a great experience. Trained seriously about 8 weeks for the meet. I am very new to this style of training but primarily train this way only now and was just curious about starting back this week and what kind of intensity levels to be at. The meet was this past Saturday and have just been off since then.

My typical splits during my time of preparing for the meet were Tues, Thurs and Sat. Each day performed snatch, clean and jerk, squat variations (some days were hang , some days were full lifts, some days were back squat others front, etc) Some assistance work, lower back, abs, strict overhead press, etc. were done. I feel good at this moment and thought about just talking with my coach and starting back up today for the arnold classic in march. Any recommendations from you guys following competitions such as this or track meets, what you guys typically do in the week following such events. Thanks

Usually lower intensity work with pool etc.

Add some massage sessions…:stuck_out_tongue:

Was the last bit of preparation, and the actual competition, all that taxing?

My experience with athletes new to Olympic lifting is that since there is such a large technical component, competition doesn’t really tax you all that much (since the weights end up being relatively light compared to other types of lifts). And if you taper going into it, it ends up being a relatively easy week.

Once you get pretty good at the lifts, it’s an entirely different story, and I don’t know how far along you are.

I’m just throwing that out there.