oly lifts 3 days a week

what kind of ideas do you guys have for doing the oly on a 3 day a week schedule. my primary concern is ovhd strength. not so much the clean and jerk but db military presses. i’m 36 yrs.old and i’m not looking to compete. i weigh 175 lbs. my best db military is 85 lbs and my best back squat is 435 lbs.those lifts are recent. a few years ago i did a clean and push press of 220 lbs. i definately don’t do bench presses, way to hard on my shoulders. any ideas would be appreciated. i was told to give attn. to david w. but i want every1s opinion.

Welcome to the board, I’m not sure if you’ve done this, but have you tried doing a search on this board first?

  1. Military press can be performed heavier and more frequently than other compound exercises because they have a smaller fatiguing effect on the CNs (and small muscle groups recover more quickly)

  2. OLs and med ball throws are beneficial to the press because they devolop RFD (both generally and specifically)

  3. Most lifters have a shallow repetition:intensity pyramid for MP (i.e. many lifts can be performed close to max) This is accentuated if no pause is used between reps.

  4. Eccentrics/isometrics are particularly effective for MP

  5. Never perform the same workout (load, sets, reps) more than three times in succession.

Technical points:

  1. Pause between each repetition to make the lifts more specific to a 1RM attempt

  2. Move the bar backwards immediately after it clears the head (many presses are lost because the bar is too far forward)

  3. Utlise the SSC induced by rapid depression and elevation of the shoulders prior to the start of the movement

  4. A narrow grip faciltates the start but makes the final press out more difficult (It may be beneficial to include some specific tricep work such as narrow grip bench)

david thanks for the tips. now a ? . instead of med ball throws how about using the barbell instead ,out of the military press postition of course. you know like the bench press throws.

someone suggested a sandbag to throw instead of a barbell , which i think is a better idea.