Oldest Charlie Francis Video

I have been going through my athletics stuff and have found my first Charlie Francis video purchase.

The videos (yes, videos in VCR) and they are copyrighted 2002

There are 2 video collection, the title of the video is

Charlie Francis FAST (Francis Advanced Speed Training) Seminar Series. Vancouver Seminar August 24-25, 2002 (Volume 1 and 2)


you can tell that video is from the other side of the world because it is upside down… :wink:

Are selling or sharing?

Definitely not selling. Just thought I would share the video series, that perhaps started, Charlie’s video sales.

Although, now it is a question of how I can watch them

I would definitely love to see these. If I were u I’d have them transferred to DVD. VHS Will ruin. And VCR’s love to eat tapes. Also u can save it on your computer so that Charlie can live on forever.

Sort of why I post this. I have a collection of probably 8 videos of different people and won’t to convert to DVD. Not sure what laws/rules that would break though.

I am also more than happy, if I can do it, to provide it to Ange and she can decide what to with them :slight_smile:

Hopefully will e-mail Ange soon.

Well there are many companies that do it now. But keep me updated

I have done DVD conversions of VHS. …

I’ve been looking for them for years…hop you can do it…or that they put them on sal again…I’m very interested, please keep us informed.

Thank You

I am in communication with Ange. So hopefully something will happen soon.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
I am looking forward to seeing this footage.