Off-season training program for lacrosse

I want to lay out my microcycle for my offseason in preparation for lacrosse. My main goal is to increase my speed over 20-40 yards. I have 15 weeks to prepare. Stats:

Before football:
Squat: 405
Bench: 225
40y dash: 4.7
5’8 180

Now (after football):
Squat: 365
Bench: 205
40y dash: 4.8
5’8 170

Squat: 455
Bench: 275
40y dash: 4.4
BW: 175

The microcycle will be 3 weeks long. Where sprinting intensity is highest, lifting intensity is lowest and vice versa:

Week 1:
M: 10x20y, Deadlift 4x3, rack lockouts 4x3, lats
T: tempo, MB work, abs
W: 10x20y, Squat 4x3, decline bench 4x3, GHR, leg raise
T: tempo, MB work, abs
F: 10x20y, trap-bar dead 4x3, bench 4x3, lats
S: tempo, MB work, abs

Week 2
M: 10x30y, SSB squat 3x5, incline bench 3x5, lats
T: tempo, MB,abs
W: 10x30y, snatch-gr. dead 3x5, close-grip bench 3x5, GHR, leg raise
T: tempo, MB, abs
F: 10x30y, front squat 3x5, incline close-grip 3x5, lats
S: tempo, MB, abs

Week 3
M: 10x40y, single-leg squat 3x8, DB incline 3x8, lats
T: tempo, MB, abs
W: 10x40y, rdl 3x8, DB bench 3x8, GHR, leg raise
T: tempo, MB, abs
F: 10x40y, goodmorning 3x8, DB decline, lats
S: tempo, MB, abs

This cycle will be repeated 5x throughout my offseason. Please any feedback would be appreciated.

BTW I have never done sprint training before, only powerlifting.

So if you were to catagorize the weekly microcycle by energy cycles, how would you improve it, or catagorize your own?

Not sure if I understand the question correctly but,

Week 1: low intensity sprinting, high intensity weights
week 2: medium intensity sprinting, medium intensity weights
week 3: high intensity sprinting, low intensity weights