Off Season Training For Sprinters | How To Plan & Progress Sprint Training


Charlie Francis dot com has been around for 2 decades Jan 2020 for good reason.

It’s solid information based on results of the highest order with full disclosure.

Take a look and then I’ll delete this post as I’m not in the business of sponsoring content at this time.

well everything he has in this video is pretty much stuff he got from Charlie

No, it is not “pretty much Charlie’s information”.

Devil is in the details.

If and I said if the content is awesome we will hear about the end results.

This information without selling advertisements has been around for almost 2 decades.

We have never paid anyone to post anything or write anything.

The details are what matter.

Learning to sprint faster than you did before is good.

Breaking world records and smashing the results into pieces is what this information has been based on.

That’s what Charlie did and he did it without a handbook which he has provided to the likes of those since.

He did not create the men’s 100 meters. Charlie did make a notable contribution.

There is lots of okay information for recreational sprinters out there if all they want to do is mess around.

I watched this video several times over the past weeks. I thought a lot of this was much different from Charlie. What do you think is similar to Charlie - since you said everything?

I hate his lifting - try to get too specific for my taste.

Just the general set up of the running. Let me retract everything is not from, charlie. But he takes alot from charlie then adds his stuff. Id say he starts with CF then adds. I dont like his lifting either. too much shit goin on.

IDK - what we must realize that Charlie wasn’t the only coach who used a hi/lo setup.

Charlie did not invent Hi and Low training that is correct. He has explained who his influences have been and the reasons why he chose to do things the way he did.

Charlie had a plan, a system, he has written about it over and over again and it’s been tried and repeated and the way he did things can been replicated at many levels for others to achieve success in speed training.

The minute I see single leg crap with sharp movements there is no point to continue watching anything.

Again, what the fuck has this guy done? How fast did he run and what group is he coaching with what successes?

It’s an infomercial.

I believe 10.6. He has a full time non coaching job. His forehead has grown from taking hgh.

Listen Im not promoting, just throwing the video up for convo. I take what he says with a grain of salt.