Off-season recovery 2005 and 2004/5 season summed up

A season summed up

Well another year has gone by with less then pleasing results. I switched to the 400m this year and started off pretty slowly indoors (300m track) 50.5, 50.1. Then moved outdoors for 50.86, 51.30. I finally got my act together somewhat running 49.28 down south in early april, I followed that by a string of mid to high 49’s. My Pb came after a couple of these races running 49.03 then after that I had a month long absence due to “sports hernia” and the fallout from that (including a strained groin) I came back to run 50.03 - 50.3 then again 49.03. two weeks later at my final meet (end of July) I ran 49.8 easing up in heats and then blew up in the final, crashing and burning to 52.46.

Recovery and offseason program:

Im going to put down my thoughts for offseason work and if there is any comments suggestions feel free.

First I would like to gain flexability, and I hope to do this through microstretching and yoga. In what amounts I am no sure of.

Second, I want to work on core, along with flexability i also have poor core strengh which I think is contributing to a misallignment of the pelvis and the fallout from that. I plan to do alot of swiss ball work for this.

third - I am going to continue to see massage and ART during the offseason to make sure im ready to roll come mid-september.

This is my basic off season plan, I hope ive covered everything I need to do but if anyone has suggestions about maybe what they do in their offseason that would be cool. cheers

also thought worth mentioning. Im 21 now and used to run the 100 and 200, my pbs when i was 18 were 10.79, 21.94 and 21.69 wind aided, cheers!