NYIT Training

Anyone know what kind of program setup they have over at NYIT. Seems like they have produced numerous outstanding sprinters over the years and most recently yesterday at the NYC Armory Lee prowell of Guyana broke the Guyanese national record as well as the divison 2 record and NYIT record in the 60 meters in a time of 6.59.

NYIT as in New York Institute of Technology? I almost went to that university, it was one of the ones I thought of applying to (grades not good enough for a top school, but I wanted to go to NYC). I then ended up applying to FIT (Florida Tech), but then I ended up coming with my parents to Argentina (looooooooooooong story). Anyway, just funny that they have a good track program, although at the moment I was playing high level baseball in Venezuela so I didn’t know anything about track. I have a Guyanese friend at U Penn, maybe he knows this guy. 6.59, damn good time.

By the way, that’s a new Southamerican record, the previous one of 6.63 being held by Robson Caetano da Silva 30/01/87 Sindelfingen and Vicente Lenilson de Lima 13/03/03 Birmingham. I doubt even the Southamerican Federation knows about this, I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t said anything. BTW, what’s this guys 100m. time, never heard of him, he certainly didn’t do sub 10.40 or sub 6.80 before this.

Jason Smoots ran 6.55 at DII nationals last year, I believe that is the record. He’s also run 6.54, at USATF indoors.

In any event, that’s an outstanding time. What’s the story on this guy? Isn’t NYIT dropping track after this year? I would expect other schools to show major interest in him.

not sure about lee prowells other PR.S. I am pretty sure he had gone 10.3x. Also at the Empire State games last year he ran something like 10.6x into a -4 or -6 wind.

Last year he did run 10.60 into a -6.0 wind. However, he did not win that race at the armory. It was won by Kwesi Sarabo in 6.57 he is also from Guyana.

were you there at the armory and do you compete? Just curious.

Yes, THEONE, didn’t you say you were Guyanese a year or so ago or am I going crazy?.. Too much Christmas fare could be causing tricks of the mind! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I am Guyanese. No I was not there at the Armory, the guy that won the race is one of my best friends.
I was thinking of making a comeback with an attempt to make my country’s OLY squad, but it would be hard to knock those guys off.

I know Vicente Lenilson de Lima, he is a brazillian sprinter ( me and Robson Caetano are brazillian sprinters too ) but i don´t know nothing about his new coach or training methods,
i´ve just did some research

http://www.cbat.org.br/estatisticas/ranking/ranking_quadro.asp?id=1&prv=1&nprv=100 metros CE&sexo=M


just what i know is that Vicente Lenilson is ranked in 6th in Brazil form 100m with 10.18 for and he run 6.63 for 60m in march of this year,
he is a little guy ( 5’6" - 1.65m and 128lb - 58kg )
about Robson Caetano,
I guess that Charlie could tell us more about him Robson,
because Robson was a great 100m & 200m near 1987/1988,
his PR is 10.00 to 100m ( South american record holder ) and 19.96 to 200m,
now, take a look in my Avatar,
this is the big screen with results of SEOUL 88,
look the guy who finished in 6th, is Robson Caetano,
Charlie spoke some words about Robson in Speed Trap Book,
( he talk a little bit about all the Seoul Racers ).

Where did you read about the Vicente Lenilson and NYIT ?

Well, they need 4 for the relay don’t they, so they need you!

Damn, so the Southamerican record was broken by two guys in the same day! New record = 6.57 by Kwesi Sarabo.

Just curious, do you know a guy called Hasani Sinclair, that’s the name of my friend, he used to live in the New Jersey area close to NY, maybe by some coincidence you know him, he’s around 22 so I assume he’s also close to your age. He is/was a wrestler too, not sure if he’s still into any sports now.

BTW, theone who are you? I see two other very good guyanese sprinters as of recently, a 6.70 guy and 6.76 both form 1998 are you one of them? Are those two still active, Guyana could have a hell of a short relay with all these guys.

I saw Vicente Lenilson run an year ago (November 3) here in Mar del Plata, he beat Gabriel Simon with 10.38 to 10.39 (Matias Usandivaras 10.43), to complete the best sequence of 100’s staged in Argentine soil in history. Three weeks (October 12) earlier Usandivaras won in Rosario with 10.28, Simon 10.28 and Heber Viera 10.29. One of my ex-training partners, Veronica Pronzati, set the Argentina women’s NR that same day with 11.61. As you said, Vicente Lenilson is so short, I couldn’t believe when I saw him, he’s a flea (no offense to his running abilities!). I love statistics, so I know my stats about anyone currently running well in Southamerica (except all these Guyanese guy in the US it seems, but now I’ll keep track of those indoor meets and their results too).

Brazillian sprinters are particularly great in 4x100m races,
i don´t know why, but currently we don´t have any sprinter running under 10.20, otherwise, Brazillian 4x100 relay team is currently 2nd on the word, neck a neck with british team ( sometimes better than them like in last WC Paris where Brazil set the 38.23s ).
So keep one eye here too.

There are no secrets, it’s called practice. If countries like the US and GB practiced properly the WR would be under 37. The Brazilians are maximizing their potential (four 10.25 guys could do 10.25+9.25+9.25+9.25 38s). They are pretty close to their best. They shouldn’t even be close to the US who takes four guys with an average 10.00 let’s say, so each US leg should be .25 faster and the whole relay a second faster then Brazil’s with the same practice. And have in mind that in years past US probably even had relays with the 4 guys averaging 9.90 and the best they’ve come up with is 37.40.