numerological paralysis in planning

I continue to read threads asking for help… and posts to the same, which are searching for, and offering “numbers”

After following the golden rules as far as periodization, rest, cns recovery and endocrine response times, isn’t asking for and expecting a response to questions that ask for a finite/hard number for say weeks and days, a little unrealistic?

Don’t misread me as I subscribe to the school of “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail” and my subscription is that of a lifetime member due to my past failures in this area!

Might I suggest something to those who in this time of year, seek the holy grail of perfect periodization as they enter the 03-04 year.

Start an Excel spreadsheet. Start with one that has 7 vertical columns and runs weeks from start of training to peak competition. Highlight known dates such as: holidays, family events, job/academic conflicts, competitions, etc. Every pre-known consideration of your time and availability. Then create a “ranking system” (say various degrees of shading in the cell that represents a given date) You will begin to see that expecting a 3-1-3 or whatever other application of time control may well be less than 100% applicable. You might also frame days, weeks, etc with different bold outlines. Also, pre-plan rest/recovery periods at the ends of the resulting imperfect cycles, insuring acclimation/adaptation to the prior loading.

This exercise has some values. First, it blocks time into a manageable overview. Second, it will hopefully get one’s mindset out of the typical linear 7 day week in multiple weeks view of planning and time allocation. Third, you will see where a stretch of training comes up against a potential obstacle to: avoid, accept, plan around (I have had great success planning for overloads prior to unavoidable “breaks in the action” such as prior to college breaks like TGiving & Xmas)

This exercise may not be for all, but give it some thought. We tend to sit in the same seat all our lives, in church, at the movies, etc. Try a different perspectative…

AMEN Brother!

what can I say? After seeing the image of the Rev. Billy Graham in my hashbrowns at the Waffle House…

Excellent suggestion coach! I perform a similar such exercise at the start of every significant training period. It really helps one to get a macro-level view of the overall training progression and provides a template for the weekly plan.

Good points from MDD.

A good thing to remember when planning, if you get tired reading it, imagine what you are going to feel like doing it.

If you get bored reading it, your body is going to get bored doing it.

Work backwards from how long you want to be at your best. Shade the zone where you want to be flying. Shade the zone where you want to be a strong man. They can’t be the same zone.

Be honest where you are now are you really fit enough? You aren’t going to be able to get fit in the two zones above so you better do it now. It seems like so many people on here want to lift heavy NOW and sprint 100% NOW. If you can see where you are going to achieve this in your plan, it will kerb the desire to fry yourself before you’ve even started.

Thank you MDD & DCW! Great posts…

The post was intended for all the Last-minute planners who are asking for the secret key to run sub 11 or 10flat etc.

I would be interested in hearing who does a similar thing and how they set theirs up as far as theme/spread sheet/ any other tricks I can steal…oops meant borrow!

Coach Mdd


Any word from training camps? I got a guy in Arena Football that seems to be focused on next year…are the doors closing? Have faith…