NSW All Schools! Wish Me Luck!

Hey guys,

i’m competing in the NSW All schools this Saturday in Sydney. Have to travel 500km…bloody hell. Anyway, I’m doing 100m and 200m in the 16 years and I’m hoping to get around 10.8-9. I think the record is 10.86 or something. Anyway, farewell to you all…I leave in the morning.

I hope to return with good news!

Follow Your Heart!!!
Josh Landenberger :slight_smile:

Good luck!!!

Damn, weren’t you a lot slower than that last time you posted?

Good work and good luck!

You may be in luck, or severely out of luck. There will be a very strong wind tomorrow. However, knowing Homebush it is more likely to be a headwind :frowning:

Its also going to be freezing! 16C (61F for the Americans).

freezing? we in canada laugh at your 16C freezing cold. :smiley:

How did you do?

At least Aussies don’t die when it gets above 35C …

Poor Josh a -4 wind!!!
There’s something about Homebush too that makes a -4 seem like a -8 anywhere else. Must have felt like Marcel Marceau.

It looked like the wind dropped for the final, but, don’t let this deceive you as it is impossible to get accurate wind readings out there as the wind comes in powerful pockets at different sections of the track.

Even when they record a tailwind out there, it can have a headwind mixed in, of variable force depending on which lane you are in.

Other than that, its quite a nice facility… just no good for running fast times. It probably also doesn’t help that October is the windiest month of the year. Great time for working on your speed in training. :slight_smile:

Boys 100 m 16 yrs

Name                     Age Team                     Heats 

Heat 1 Heats Wind: -2.4
1 328 Martin, Owen 16 Central Coas 11.75Q
2 178 Dawkins, Daniel 16 Callaghan Co 11.79Q
3 445 Slezak, Adam 16 Mullumbimby 11.91q
4 322 Mannix, Kiel 16 The Kings Sc 12.09
5 321 Maltby, Nick 16 SNS 12.31
6 174 Croghan, Beau 16 CVD 12.63
7 460 Streater, Christop 16 Chevalier Co 12.83
Heat 2 Heats Wind: -3.1
1 269 James, Tom 16 St Josephs Reg C 11.70Q
2 319 Mahns, Timothy 16 Mt Carmel Hi 11.87Q
3 198 Egan, Harry 16 Maitland Gro 12.02q
4 119 Bates, Nathan 16 PAM 12.04q
5 120 Beard, Daniel 16 St Marys Gat 12.28
6 511 Zamudio, Brett 16 LTH 12.31
7 268 James, Morgan BTA 12.46
8 490 Webb, Dean 16 Chevalier Co 12.60
9 310 Little, Colin 16 HPA 12.76
Heat 3 Heats Wind: -4.0
1 442 Simpson, Jeremy 16 Terrigal Hig 12.06Q
2 524 Said, Haidi 16 Birrong Boys Hig 12.26Q
3 553 Jagdon, Perry 16 St Marys Cat 12.48
4 343 Miller, Aaron 16 Woolooware H 12.76
5 298 Landenberger, Josh 16 WOG 12.83
6 452 Southwell, Ben 16 PPH 12.93
7 381 Peacock, Ben 16 MEA 13.11
8 368 Newham, Terry 16 Elderslie Hi 13.16

Boys 100 m 16 yrs

Name                     Age Team                     Final  Points

. 1 Final Wind: -1.3
1 269 James, Tom 16 St Josephs Reg C 11.29
2 328 Martin, Owen 16 Central Coas 11.44
3 119 Bates, Nathan 16 PAM 11.52
4 319 Mahns, Timothy 16 Mt Carmel Hi 11.56
5 178 Dawkins, Daniel 16 Callaghan Co 11.60
5 442 Simpson, Jeremy 16 Terrigal Hig J11.60
7 445 Slezak, Adam 16 Mullumbimby 11.75
8 198 Egan, Harry 16 Maitland Gro 11.98
9 524 Said, Haidi 16 Birrong Boys Hig 12.12

16 C, is that freezing? haha. thats HOT! In middle norway it was 43 F today. That’s about 5-6 C. In northern Norway it is more like 30-40 nowadays.

How about the wind in this one. Groth is actually a pretty quick young lad.

Boys 100 m 19 yrs

Name                     Age Team                     Final  Points

. 1 Wind: -5.1
1 235 Groth, Jacob 18 St Josephs Reg C 11.23
2 589 Jharvery, Andrew 18 Concord High 11.80
3 205 Fintic, Steve 18 MCN 12.10
4 340 Merlino, Justin 18 St Ignatius 12.17
5 497 Wiles, Nick 18 St Lukes Dee 12.22
6 199 Ellis, Jonathon 18 TUR 12.24
– 583 Chapple, Matthew 19 Knox Grammar DNF

Damn hey…Had a shocker.

100m, here’s how it went. I got video footage of both races on our camera. Had a great start, wasted everyone till about 15m when I straightened up and started leaning back…BAD IDEA :frowning:
I was trying to run like I run when there is a tailwind and I slipped back something like 5 places, then about at the 60m mark, I started leaning forward cos of the wind and took over a few people but I was very pissed off. 12.83!! yikes, personal worst…

200m. I was in heat 1, lane 9. Again, I had a great start and actually pulled away from everyone on the first 100m. I covered it in 11.2 secs. As soon as I hit the straight though, and the wind hit me again, I slipped back behind pretty much everyone :frowning: 25.48…again…terrible.

So I learnt from these races that I am shocking with headwind. But I suppose I can’t be too dissapointed considering that most of the boys I raced have had years of training behind them as I have checked past years results. But I strongly believe without those bloody headwinds I would have gone great. Too bad eh… Catcha


This is why it is important for relative newcommers to run lots of races and get experience. (As I found out this season, running only 4 races and all of them in times I don’t even want to mention.)

Graphic example of hand timing vs electronic

Timothy mahns in the second heat usually runs about 11 flathand timed in the hundred at the local campbelltown comp. this is in any sort of wind.


big difference

Also, Timothy Mahns ran an 11.56 in the finals with a -1.3w. Hand timing and electronic timing difference can range from .24 to .8 -depending on if timing starts at sound of a gun or athletes first step.

Yes handtiming sucks bigtime. I have seen it go from .1 off to almost a second compared to FAT. (We did FAT and handtiming just in case there was a problem with equipment) We always told timers to go from when they see the smoke from the starters pistol.


Yeah, realdeal I think it has to be the smoke to be .24 and its longer if you wait for the sound of the gun.

BTW, when they time 40s in the combines, that’s from first movement (not first step) right? How off is that?

Nail firmly hit on head.

FAT can be a sobering experience for many, it’s amazing how many national champs have been already won in training at the hands of a friend with a stopwatch :wink:

Remember Slivio. Say no more :stuck_out_tongue: