November Workshop Information - Vancouver, BC, Canada

[SIZE=6][SIZE=4]Charlie Francis

World Class Sprint Programming Workshop[/SIZE][/SIZE]
[b]November 27-28, 2004

Vancouver, BC[/b]

Charlie Francis, one of the top speed coaches in the world, makes limited appearances worldwide throughout the year. His influence is still being felt throughout the Track and Field and professional sports world. Not only has he worked with Olympic Medalists and World Record holders in Track and Field, but has also worked with some of the top teams and athletes in football (NFL), basketball (NBA) and ice hockey (NHL). Some of the top sprinters in the world and Canada continue to consult with Charlie on their training programs and technique, confident that his knowledge of planning and technique can help to take them to the next level.

Workshop Content

The purpose of this workshop is to have a fully interactive workout planning session with all attending coaches. This means that every coach will leave the workshop with a comprehensive understanding of how to develop sprinters from the ground up – from developing junior development athlete to world class performer. Key issues that will be covered in the workshop include:

  1. Comprehensive overview of short-to-long and long-to-short planning approaches.
  2. Day-by-day, week-by-week, period-by-period, year-by-year preparation of training programs that apply to your specific situations.
  3. Integration of key training components such as weight lifting, explosive power training, aerobic training and recovery-regeneration issues.
  4. Peaking and taper programs for producing results when they need to be produced.
  5. Overview of sprint mechanics and technique.

The format of the workshop will also include significant round-table discussions between all attending coaches to ensure that all of the expertise and personal experiences in the room are shared. Please be prepared to bring your training programs so that we can discuss the merits of different approaches.

Workshop Cost

The two-day workshop will be held from 9:30am to 5pm on both days. The two-day Workshop Fee will be a total of $325.00 Cdn. ($285.00 US). If you wish to only attend one of the workshop days, the fee will be $200.00 CAD or $170 US per day.

Charlie’s seminars in the United States have been priced as high as $550.00 US for a weekend. We have been able to secure a lower price for attendees as Charlie has presented in Vancouver on several occasions and has been greatly received. We are sure you will walk away with your money’s worth.

The firm due date for registration is Monday, November 15th, 2004, so please let us know if you will be attending as soon as possible. If we don’t get adequate registration numbers before this date, we will not hesitate to cancel the workshop.

Workshop Contact

For information on how to register for the Charlie Francis Workshop, please leave your name and contact information (phone/e-mail) with Derek Hansen at either of the following options:

Phone contact: 604-773-9102

We will contact you as soon as possible to inform you on payment options, a specific location and options for accommodation for out of town guests.

Additionally, Charlie and workshop members will likely go out on Saturday evening for a group dinner to continue informal discussions on training and athlete development.

I have a feeling I’ll have to make some time to show up to this one.

Charlie … you ever any intention of coming to Ireland or the UK ever ???

The format of the workshop will be as such:

  • Have all attendees do an introduction on the level and types of athletes they work with, as well as their training conditions, facilities, commitment and any other pertinent information.
  • Provide a template for short-to-long and long-to-short for different sprint events (100, 200 and 400m).
  • Work on individual training plans for all attendees given their individual circumstances and key performances.
  • Review key training components (i.e. weights, plyos, massage) that can be adapted to individual circumstances of each coach/athlete group.
  • Touch on key sprint technical issues.
  • Identify appropriate taper schedules.
  • Review injury management and rehabilitation issues.
  • Finish with question and answer session and open group discussion.

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Will this also be the same for the seminar in Vancouver this November in 2004?

Personally I will come either way but I thought I would ask in case I decide to do the CSCS from the NSCA.

No - there will be no NSCA CEU’s offered for this workshop. Frankly, I’m tired of sending the NSCA money. Every time I’ve applied for NSCA CEU certification, it costs me something like $75 US to fill out the application and takes a bunch of time to fill everything out and send it through. On top of that, I have to pay my $300+ dollars for my membership and insurance, and I have to pay more money to recertify my CSCS status every few years. And, all I ever hear about is how the NSCA is building a new national headquarters for ME?!!? I’m not bashing the NSCA, but I’m afraid that they are starting to miss the point of their organization.

I was involved in a meeting a few years back where the NSCA big-wigs wanted to be part of the World Weightlifting Championships. They wanted to set up a big trade-show and - as an aside - have a sport science conference. But they made no bones about it that the trade show was where the money was, and they didn’t want to do a conference without it.

Then we got into a discussion about presenters, and they told us how they wanted presenters who were exciting and interesting. They actually were more worried about the entertainment value of the speakers, rather than their credentials and substance of their presentation. They even said that John Garhammer, one of the lead researchers in Olympic Weightlifting, was quite dry and boring, giving the impression that they did not care for his type.

Anyways, enough about the NSCA. Every time I put on a seminar/workshop, people seem more concerned about credits for professional associations than the substance of the presentation itself. I hope that CEU’s are not the primary incentive for attending such functions. If so, it is a shame.

I’m not ragging on you Supervenomsuperman, as I know these credits can seem important. I just haven’t had the time or desire to try to get this workshop accredited. Maybe the next one…

I know exactly how you feel Number2… I just took the USAW club coach course and everyone there was just taking the course to boost their resume,instead of having an interest in the sport of olyimpic lifting. It was just a bunch of personal trainer hacks with dreams of being Juan Carlos Santana. I would much rather learn the tricks of the trade from a master instead of some slick talking dude who is a trainer to the stars…

Sorry to vent…

PS :slight_smile:

Is there any room left?

Lots of room left NYCJAY01. Rant all you like. It’s nice to know that others share the same thoughts. I know how you feel.

I’ve taken up to Level 2 for Olympic Lifting Certification up here in Canada, I have numerous books and videos on Olympic Lifting, I’ve attended numerous competitions in the sport (including Worlds last year in Vancouver), and I work and work out with different lifters and coaches on a regular basis. But we have numerous individuals up here who have certification, but don’t know how to properly teach the lifts or even perform them properly themselves. Not to mention how many CSCS individuals who have no clue how to teach a proper clean movement. Instead, they would rather balance on swiss balls and call it sport specific.

But enough about me…

Hope to see you at the workshop.

Cool, I was just curious. I plan to attend for the info I’ll be getting not for NSCA credits. I hope I didn’t get your stress level up to much. :slight_smile: Thanks however for the inside scoop. Walmart is a company that is designed to have the lowest prices on pretty much everything because that’s how its original owner wanted it. He was a farmer and was sick and tired of being gauged at various stores so he invented Walmart and the rest is history; furthermore, it’s still the cheapest when compared to 97 percent of all other stores out there for about 89 percent of its products. Hopefully they never change, as for the NSCA maybe they decided from a marketing viewpoint that what there were doing was a better way to go? I don’t know the whole story but I would rather hear from people like CF, CT, Louie Simmons, Bompa, Zatiosrsky then some noname no matter how boring the individuals I just mentioned may or may not be. :slight_smile:

I like Walmart… :slight_smile:

I like all the legends you mentioned above too… I hope they keep it hard core and cutting edge fo’eva baby!!!

For any forum members who will be attending the Vancouver Workshop from out of town (we have a number of out of towners indicating they are coming already), please get in contact with me as soon as possible, as I’m trying to organize ground transportation and accommodations as best as I can.

If lots of people are coming, maybe we can save some money on accommodations if forum members want to split rooms.


Same place as the Vermeil Seminar?

Same building, different room.

Yes - same place.

Where was the Vermiel seminar held?

Send me an e-mail if you are interested in attending and I’ll forward you the workshop info. I’m only providing the workshop details to people who are seriously considering attending.

Workshop Location (Charlie Francis Seminar Location)

The workshop will be held at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC, just east of the City of Vancouver. The workshop room is located in the West Mall Complex in Room 2220. The West Mall Complex is located immediately adjacent the visitor parkade to the east. A campus map is can be viewed at

Thanks Herb (see above). Anyways… there’s one in every forum.

NumberTwo, I posted the info before your post showed up. Sorry about that.


Are you going to video tape this seminar like the previous Vancouver Seminar and make it available?

When are part 3 & 4 going to be available to purchase from the last one?