November Workshop Information - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Is there any way to have the seminar at Horseshoe bay? Lol. Just kidding.

I have to take that stupid ferry across and if I could go without having to take the car it’d save me around $100.

I’ll be going for sure though.

I would also be interested in a video tape

I’m getting some very good interest in the workshop. Not only do we have people coming from all over Western Canada, but we have numerous forum members from different states across the US. Additionally, we have the pleasure of attracting some talented coaches from Italy and the UK.

So, not only will you get to do some program planning with Charlie Francis, you will also get to meet up and share ideas with coaches and trainers from all over the world.

If you are interested in registering, please get your info in and fees paid up by next Monday. Contact me at


We have about 20 coaches registered for the workshop. Thanks to all forum members who are attending, and those who spread the word. Also thanks to those who wanted to come, but just couldn’t find the time or money currently. We’ll try to set up a similar workshop in a different part of the country/continent.

Thanks again.

We havn’t closed the dor yet! There’s still time to get your butts out to this one, but you better get hold of Derek soon!

Lets go for Toronto!

Check the Omega Wave thread. There will be a presentation on this at the seminar.

Im down for that!!!

Charlie, let me chime in for the idea of selling a DVD on this great seminar. I can’t make it due to my son is playing in a CA semi-final football game. A good reason, I think. Thanks for your consideration.

If you’re gonna tape this can we ensure there’ll be a makeup artist before shooting starts? I don’t want anyone to see the bags under my eyes.

Seminar is going well thus far, 3 hours in not bad. Least the wireless connection works.

Number two, fantastic! I hope it is being taped for DVD! Please! Let us know…

I am SO jealous and GREEN of envy! Cannot be there … where everything is happening and you experience Charlie in real life!!! Enjoy! Would you PLEASE try to give the info to us-not-so-privileged?

Lol, there’s so much that was said in the seminar that won’t be on the video.

Charlie is a true entertainer and tells it like it is. He doesn’t hold back.

who’s plook? lol I can’t remember anyone saying they where plook

That’s my photo, don’t you recognise me?

I was sitting 3 to the left of Superman

On the first day or second? First, second, or third row?


Who were you and where did you sit? :slight_smile:

P.S. For Number Two did the wireless mic surivive the seminar or not? LOL :wink:

I was sitting in the second row right just to the left of that really skinny football guy up front.

I was 3 to the left of Venom. I was the one with the really nice tan. Lol.

I was dereks athlete that was always in the red hat upfront, and looked tired