not using arms for sled pulls

someone was saying that not using arms during a heavy/light sled pull allows for greater stimulation of muscle fibers in legs thus resulting in greater strength gains.

what are your opinions of not using arms during sled pulls?

Why not just squat or, squat with EMS on your legs if you want to stimulate muscle fibres! Sled runs are for improving acceleration and co-ordination not primarily for recruiting fibre.

with sleds pulls i hope u do not sway body side to side… its to heavy dude…


i get what you’re saying man, but whats EMS?

electronic muscle stimulation

Electro Muscular Stimulation.

Why use weights if you are training for speed? I though sled runs was mainly for sprint specific strength… Making sled runs much more effective then squats if you want to get stronger in running like movements.

I think squats are great for hypertrophy training, but for strength I want it to be as close to running as possible.

on Topic: I have no idea. Though it might strengthen your posture.

and heavy sled pulling is heavily rejected am i correct?

By me, yes, with and without arms.

I dont use them either, infact dont do much resisted sprint work at all, hills just during GPP some harnesses and sled pulls (10%) during GPP as well, and some during indoor.

Any notable sprinters who do heavy sled pulls?