Norweigan hamstring curls - for injury prevention

My chiro recommended these for me - he was against posterior chain work like RDL’s and good mornings. Would these be useful for strength and injury prevention? I was thinking to just add them in with the compound movements like squats and deadlifts.


From what I could see, this was to work around the knee, not the hip. Why?
(how the group that whipped the weight up as fast as possible and nearly dropped it between didn’t get injured is beyond me)

I imagine your chiro trains daily world class athletes…lol…also, the article on a triathlete-long runners website should warn you…listen to this website…that exercise could be used in a gpp phase, but not really important…the hams shuld be trained around the hips, not the knee…they are mainly hip extensor during sprinting, jumping, tackling or whatelse…

Yep I agree. Having just watched the gpp DvD, I see what charlie means.

Thanks guys.

Anyone else blind after reading that?

Are those not plain old “natural glute ham raises”? I’ve been doing these off and on for a year or so now, with great success, using them as an assistance exercise. I disagree with the article about soreness…I’m generally crippled after doing these, even after the 3rd or 4th time I’m still quite sore the next few days. I generally perform them with my feet hooked underneath the angled foot support of our hack squat machine. Can do negatives fine, but can’t complete a concentric without the help of my hands.