Non weights - Hamstrings.

I do glute ham raises and sometimes single leg hypers for my hammy’s. I also do single leg squats on a platform but they don’t get the hams as much.

Anyway, I also like and prefer the more athletic types of strength work such as hills or steps and weighted plyo’s. The thing is, the more athletic strength methods allways seem to get the quads more than the hams. I never get a good hamstring pump with these athletic variations.

Are there any non barbell, or non gym type exercises where any of you feel it good in the hamstrings?

I’m looking for an exercise that is going to pump my hamstrings or glutes almost as much as what cycling would do fror the quads. Is there any such athletic training method?

Any and all responses welcome. Your personal experiances.


I was talking about strength work, or atleast further to the left of the force velocity curve than sprinting.

Have a look here