no laughing please

Here is a clip from training today.
Feedback & tips appreciated, I have my first ever race in 9 weeks :o

Arm action looks short and choppy, maybe some tension too. You stride is also short and choppy, are you wearing sneakers or spikes? Can’t tell. Looks like you’re wearing sneakers, that would be something contributing to the short stride. Heh. That’s my 2 cents. Haven’t analyzed videos in a while or even trained!

BTW where is that track!!! I’d die to train in such a beautiful place.

Just kidding mate - you look much better than I did before I first raced!

If you look at the first image below, you’ll see your hand is coming up to about chest height. Ideally you should be working on bringing it up until your thumb is around your chin. This will help open up your stride by encouraging knee lift. When you practice this during training - don’t just think about lifting your hands up, but focus on driving your elbows back hard as well.
That said, you should still be focussing on lifting your knee’s up through your training runs.

Looking at image 2, you can see that your ‘kick-back’ is quite pronounced. Buttkicks, A-skips, ankling are all drills that will help with this. You’ll also find that as knee lift improves your ‘kickback’ will become less and less.

Be sure to let us know how your race goes,

Flyer :cool:

Thanks guys, certainly the knee and hand heights were the most obvious things to me too. It is late winter here and I haven’t really done much in the way of plyo work as been doing 3 x weights, 2 x speed and 2 x tempo pw. I finish the current phase in a couple of weeks then will change one of the weights days to a plyo / drill day which I am hopeful will help along with increasing my flexibility.

The meet is right at the start of the season and is really a chance to get one under my belt with main focus NZ Masters Games in February.

Aln, I was wearing spikes and the track is in Dunedin, New Zealand.

As an aside it was a beaut day much warmer than usual and the first time in months I haven’t had to train in leggings. :smiley:

You´re famous now :smiley: , i tryied download the video but the site “said” 10 downloads are the max and they can´t be download anymore.

Try it again I just edited it to another site.

John,firstly listen to the sound you are making!!! what does this mean…you are landing very heavy causing the “thump”.

there are other faults which can be addressed simply but for now i would continue to train as you are.maybe focus on flexibility overall and loosing a little weight(i’m by no way being smart).this will happen with proper training.

if you need any help do not hesitate in pm’ing me


As in what I outlined above with 3x weights or go to 2 and a plyo / drill day in a couple of weeks as planned? :confused:

Re the losing a little weight that is already happening…you should have seen me 6 weeks ago :eek: :smiley: but still want to lose more as currently 5’ 7" and 190lbs (86.36kg).

I feel like I’m generally on the right track especially as all the comments so far have confirmed my thoughts and plans but will probably drop you a PM at some stage as well, thanks :smiley:

try doing 3Xspeed+weights/2Xtempo and you’ll be right on track.

OR you could do 3Xtempo for additional weight loss

I’m more inclined to go with the latter given other factors such as work (50 hours), family comitments and age (43) plus I think leaning up more, increasing general fitness and flexibility will make a significant a difference (well I hope so LOLOL).

Thanks agian for the help, I’ll probably start a log here in a few weeks.

you are 43 my god you don’t look it.43 man!

the air quality in NZ must be good.good on ya.

Thanks, but don’t judge me by the avatar pic, that is The Piano Man :smiley:

Ya it looks like you aint pumping your arms enough.

You gotta get your hips up and get up on the balls of your feet. I’d suggest you incorporate some straight leg runs and bounds…just make sure you do those bounds on grass. The 2nd freeze frame he posted is what I was talking about your plant leg kicking back too far behind you but it may have been just cause you were already past top speed.

R u doing any x-plosive x-ercises anyway ? such as medicine ball 4 x-ample.

Are you meaning weights 3 times a week plyo’s 2 speed 2 and two days a week of tempo?

Not specifically at this stage although that will be changing in a bout a week and a half. That said my weights work is pretty basic and has dynamic / explosive stuff in it (power cleans & DE work). I am weak though :frowning:

Zenonth my current split is generally
Sat - max speed, weights
Sun - tempo
Mon - weights
Tues - off
Wed - speed endurance, weights
Thurs - tempo
Fri - off

3/1 with reduced volume on the 4th.

I plan on changing the Monday workout to drills, plyo’s drills and tempo - no weights.

Why not do running and weights 3days tues thurs sun for example with 3 days of tempo and one off day. Why the two day speed split? Unless your following charlie’s 2 day a week split becuz of age or tolerance then of course that would make sense

That’s the reason as well as family and other comitments.

Had my first ever races at the weekend at a Masters meet in the 40-44 age group. My main concern prior to it was getting last and making a total dick of myself :rolleyes:

100m Saturday
Race was at 9.45am and the weather was horrendous : ( 5 deg C (41F), windy (don’t know reading) and torrential rain. It was so bad I did my warm up of the corridor rather than go outside, there were a few others that took my lead and only 1 person I saw do a ‘warmup’ outside. The only thing was that I had done all my warmup in trainers and put my spikes on as the race before mine was called and never thought about difference in foot angle (DOH!) I did an acceleration and felt a very slight twinge in my left achilles…great I thought but it didn’t feel too bad so put it out of my mind.

There were 5 in my race and I was pleased I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I may have been, in fact nerves weren’t bad at all. The vid here
gives some idea of what it was like as well as my form which I’ll comment on below. I’m the one in the blue and yellow singlet.

Finished 3rd in 13.50 which although not that flash I was quite pleased with, they weren’t able to use electronic timing due to the conditions. First goal is to go under 13 which given it was the first weekend of the season should be achiveable. Absolutely no way I was going to beat the guy that won, in fact I think his 100m & 200m was faster than the 35-40 age group.

200m Sunday
Thankfully it was a much nicer day, sunny and a lot warmer at around 12deg C (54 F). Achilles was still a bit tender esp when I started warmup but by 1/2 way through it was good as gold :smiley:
Again there were 5 in the race, a guy who pulled up in the 100m didn’t run, but someone who had given the 100m a miss due to the conditions ran.

Felt I got a much better start and after 75m was just behind the guy that got 2nd in 100m, the winner of the 100m had gone by us and went on to win in I think 26. something. Unfortunately I couldn’t make up the ground needed to get 3rd (2nd was waaay in front of us) and finished 4th in 28.63 with wind at 2.2. Again nothing brilliant but at least I beat 30 secs and first goal from here is under 28.

If nothing else I have competed and I enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Form comments
Feel I have made some good progress from last lot and am on the right track (no pun intended).

Hands are coming higher but could still probably come up a bit more, I am using a closed hand so it looks a bit lower anyway than open palm.

Still need to get more arm drive behind body.

Looks to me like in an attempt to get upright I am actually leaning slightly back.

Main things are to carry on losing fatness, get stronger and more flexible…in other words the story of my life :smiley: