no improve in 16 week

when i started GPP i have this time:
30m = 4.15
60 = 7.75
100 = 12.6

now i did GPP for 8 week, a lot of hill, med ball, tempo run.
my time did’nt improve, my flexibility and fitness improve a lot, my strenght quite the same.
then i start SPP, and my flexibility and fitness improve, my strenght improve a little bit, but my time are:
30 m = 4.25
60 = 7.75
100 = no test

now i do a taper period and i want to do another GPP, i start in the first-second week of march.
So now i want to ask, how must i Change the GPP?

the training was:
hill how in GPP of CF, but the last 3 week I reduced the volume at 75%.
wheight (squat/powerclean/bench/dip 3x 8-10)
plio 2 week yes, 2 week no.
tempo run, 3 x week (1500-1800-2200)
like the SPP on Vancouver 04
wheigt the same in GPP but whit low reps (5) tempo run the same.

Both the GPP and SPP MUST be individualized to your particular current abilities. As you will hear on the DVDs, they are examples only and not a direct prescription for everyone!
Also, the harder you work the slower you’ll get during a working phase and it will take a number of weeks to peak upwards from it. This is especially true if you’ve been overworking. It is always better to underwork than overwork.

Were your times in training improving? Surely you time the 60m runs. If they are improving you should show improvement in competition.

For athletes of your level this year I have seen improvements of:

7.95 to 7.52
8.05 to 7.58
8.1 to 7.85 (female)
7.95 to 7.69 (female)

For the males training times went from around 7.6 to 7.1/72 over the SPP period. If the times arn’t going down then you must be becoming overtrained across the period. Also how did the tempo improve as this is the biggest factor at your level?

Read Charlies response. Then I will interpret for you.

Cut the volume in other words.

yes, probabily I trained at high volume. but it’s only a bad thing? or when I start to train at low volume, I can see improvement?

MR charlie, I understand your statement, but for me is hard to understand when I overeached my possibility.
for example Now i go to start another GPP in March, In this how can I must train?
As I trained the first time because now I have more Endurance, and better recovery?
unfortunately I don’t understand very well english, so when I see GPP video I don’t understand everything.
Or I must train less? and how I can understand what is the training volume? have you an advice?

My next GPP I want to focus on Strenght and acceleration (the last GPP i focused on fitness and flexibility), How can I train?

now my Tempo are improving, I can do 18-22 x 100 m @ 75% of my Best 100 and, how Charlie francis state, I feel like when I begin.

but now I want to improve my time, i want to reach 4.1/7.5 and <12.5 (almost).

and now how long I should “taper”?

So are you saying that doing too much speed work is my problem too ?i did 7.5 60m FAT my last contest, although consistent 6.7 HT’s in prac., i guess i could do my predicted 7.2 if i warmed up (didnt warmup before the meet… didnt have time- car broke down on the way so i was late)

Lets say that around 7.2 is my level right now (11.3 100m ? ) , I admit that im not doing much tempo at all. maybe once a week… what i am doing is some accels on monday, some 60’s and 80’s on wednesday and a about 3-4 fast 110m on friday. with full body weights…

Should I simply stick 100-200m tempo runs in there and do them no matter what every other day ?
Is that my biggest problem right now ?
Leave the speed as it is, right ? i keep changing little things like 40m instead of 20 or 30m for accels and 80 instead of 60 for top speed and some efe drills but i ALWAYS do speed work… its the tempo im not investing in- they are kinda boring but i can learn to like it

sorry to hijack maybe you could PM me with your opinion coach, MUCH APPRECIATED.

i would recommend gpp and van that would help you a ton.

If you are running 11.5 then tempo will be a huge factor. It only takes 20min and requires very little warmup. I used to do it in the morning before work with no problems. I’d jog to a park and run no specific warm up.

Keep the x3 week speed work though ? just add tempo in between ??

when you run Tempo, do you run like it was a sprint whit less intensity (so run on ball, toe up, and so on) or like a normal run?

I did a lot of tempo run,
1500 1 day
1800 1 day
2200 1 day,
a total of 3 tempo por week whit a lot of med ball.

what do you think about my next period of training?

That depends much more on what you are doing each session and total volumes. 2-4x for speed a week is pretty normal and depends on a lot of factors.

tempo never really seems to do much for me, except help prevent injury.

I would say that is doing a lot!

no one answer my questions?
however tempo improve fitness and “relax” from high intensity work.

[i]when you run Tempo, do you run like it was a sprint whit less intensity (so run on ball, toe up, and so on) or like a normal run?

I did a lot of tempo run,
1500 1 day
1800 1 day
2200 1 day,
a total of 3 tempo por week whit a lot of med ball.

what do you think about my next period of training?[/i]

My view is that is to much tempo for one week. I think sometimes athletes tend to do too much tempo and forget that to run fast you must train fast.

If the amount of tempo far outweighs the time devoted to genuine fast sprinting then you run the risk of stagnating.

Tempo at the volumes you indicate a couple of times a week or better still, only 3 times a fortnight should suffice.

So you think I’m doing too much tempo?
So you think I must reduce it (both in GPP/SPP or only in SPP?)

other advice?