No 1 sprinters in your country

We had the topic “Where is everybody from”, but since there are members from all different countries in the world I would be very interested in the top sprinters in their countries.

I’ll make the start: Austria is a little country and because people are mainly interested in their pork, beer, soccer, tennis and formular one races only and have similar bureaucratic structures like the Canadian members describe it, there was only one sprinter in the history of Austrian sports who deserve the title elite class sprinter:
His name was Andreas Berger with a PB of 10.15 (10.08 w). In 1989 he was European Indoor Champion with 5.56 (only int. sprint title for an Austrian ever) - faster than Linford Christie then and only Woronin to win the title with a faster time.

His career ended very much like Ben’s. You can guess - can’t say more according to the board rules. He is the guy my avatar shows.

Female National best is 11.15 by Karin Mayr who trains with Jason Gardener (Trainer Malcolm)

Cool. I remember Andreas. What’s he doing now?

So are you asking who the current top sprinters everyone’s country? Or all-time?

Canada is easy on both fronts, currently Pierre Browne is the national champion. He ran a wind aided 9.98 in Edmonton in 2002, and 10.12 at the Commonwealth games that year for a bronze medal. There are a few other guys that are good as well, Nic Macrozonaris, Anson Henry, Jermaine Joseph, Jarek Kulesza , Rhoan Sterling , Richard Adu-Bobie just to name a few.

And of course we all know Canada’s best all-time sprinter is. :wink:


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I had all time bests in mind…

I think Andreas works for a big sports shops chain (Intersport) - and he offers some personal fitness services with other sport scientists etc.
Originally he was policeman I think.

BTW Mark McKoy spent the last years of his career in Austria and is still “our” no1 all time 110mH! And even amongst the top 10 100m flat :wink:

National Records in Argentina are :

Men :
100m. Carlos Gats and Gabriel Simon both with 10.23
200m. Carlos Gats 20.37

Women :
100m. Vanesa Wohlgemuth 11.57 (set in April this year)

Bests this year :
100m. Matias Usandivaras 10.47
200m. Mariano Jimenez 21.39

100m. Vanesa Wohlgemuth 11.57

Other mentions in men : Pablo del Valle 10.56, Ivan Altamirano 10.60. This year has been good here, there rarely are 3 guys under 10.70 in the whole country.

The only true elite sprinter we’ve had is Carlos Gats, 20.37 is no joke is it? Both his bests were set medalling in the 1999 Iberamerican games in Lisbon. But he clearly had the biotype to be a 400m. runner but didn’t like the distance. Gabriel Simon is a strange character, a short guy with very controversial training techniques (ie no coach, thousands of jumps on mat or jump squats per day, almost no speed training since he did 10.23, he does almost every under 75%, no speed endurance training - his 200 best is 21.60 :eek: ). Surely close to 10 flat potential in that guy if he had ever been guided by a good coach. National bests in men generally range around 10.45-10.60 and 21.35-21.45 each year, so this year is a quite typical year so far … now you see why I’m so motivated to train hard, I know I have a realisitic chance of becoming the best in my country … these marks are hardly earth-shattering. I’m sure in 2 or 3 more years I’ll at least be in the top 3 in the National Ranking in 100 and 200 (would require around 10.70 and 21.60 to be in the top 3 here).

I’ll see if I find some pics to post.

AUT 71 since we are neighbours perhaps you know Slovenia is even smaller than Austria so we have to imported Marlene Ottey to made some improvements :).She is Slovenian record holder in 100m with 11.09and 200m with 22.72.At mens situation is next:Matic Osovnikar is currently the No.1 in 100m and 200 with 10.15 and 20.47.

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AUT where’d you get that picture?

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Chile has had as far as I know only one famous world class sprinter: Sebastian Keitel at one time reported to be “the fastest white man around” which is probably crap, but his pb`s were: 10.10 and 20.15 the 10.10 is when he beat donovan in brasil, and it was reported that donovan replied to the press when asked “is he a worry now?”, “well, he beat me today, bu he’s never beaten me before, and he doesn’t hold the OR so, sometimes the sun shines on a dog’s ass” or something along those lines, it was really funny.

Currently I think the best time for this year is a kid called Diego Valdes who ran 10.58? in cochabamba in bolivia wich is sort of like running in mexico city because of the height above sea level. Currently there are bout 6 or 7 guys that can run under 11 but no one runs under 10.6 here.

FOr the Women Lisette Rondon ran the 100 in 11.65 and this year a girl called Daniela Pavez ran the 100 in 11.67 almost equaling the record.

So just like aln I reckon I can make top 8 within the next 2 years and maybe be the best by 2007-8

Means currently you have a better 100m sprinter than Austria :wink:
I used to watch Matic competing at the little indoor meetings in Vienna a few years ago, when he was not so fast. He shows some constant imrovement, 2 or more seasons like that and he could be no 1 in Europe.

15 12,21
16 11,21
17 11,08
18 10,76
19 10,75
20 10,34
21 10,39
22 10,36
23 10,22
24 10,15

Is he training with Merlene?
(He did quite well at Athens, too - 100m 2nd round, 200m Semifinal)

From Karins Website - there are more Pics of her and Jason et al:

BTW: I probably I violated the Copyright on the pic :wink:

So we got Argentinia, Slovenia, Chile. Any other Nations?



9.84 Donovan Bailey Atlanta USA 27 Jul 96
9.84 Bruny Surin Seville ESP 22 Aug 99
(9.79 Ben Johnson Seoul South Korea 24 Sept 88)

20.17 Atlee Mahorn Tokyo JAP 26 Aug 91

44.86 Shane Niemi Ottawa ON 21 Jul 01


10.98 Angela Bailey Budapest HUN 6 Jul 87

22.62 Marita Payne (Wiggins) Edmonton AB 10 Jul 83

49.91 Marita Payne Los Angeles USA 6 Aug 84
49.91 Jillian Richardson Los Angeles USA 6 Aug 84

Yes,he is training with the same coach as Marlene does(Srdjan Djordjevic).
And yes he is improving from year to year and maybe in near future he becomes the no.1 in Europe or even better the fastest white guy (under 10.00) :slight_smile: .He is 24 years old,so…


All Time: Robson Caetano da Silva[/b]
100m: 10.0s (1988 Seoul / 1988 Mexico City )
200m: 19.96s (1989 Brussels )
400m: 45.06s (1991 São Paulo )

Current Sprinters:
100m: 10.06s André Domingos da Silva
200m: 19.89s Claudinei Quirino da Silva
4x100m: 37.90s Sidney 2000 ( Vicente Lenilson de Lima - Edson Luciano Ribeiro - André Domingos da Silva - Claudinei Quirino da Silva )

100m: 11.17s Lucimar Aparecida de Moura
200m: 22.60s Lucimar Aparecida de Moura

so many “Silvas”…

I’ve seen Andre da Silva run and the guy is pretty impressive for me, never having seen anyone run under 10.5 live watching him smoke everyone in 10.21 I was stoked. The guy is huge he looks like 1.90mts tall.

Brazilian sprinter Andre da Silva is 32 y/o now,
his 200m PB: 20.15s
and you´re right about his height ( 1.87mts ) but not so huge as
Edson Luciano Ribeiro ( 1.90mts / 90kg ).
Also, brazillian sprinters, are taller than usual for sprinters,
Robson da Silva for example ( 1.88mts ).
Actually, there´s 2 unofficial times set by Robson and unrecognized by IAAF,
100m: 9.9s ( 1995 - Rio de Janeiro )
200m: 19.7s ( 1989 - Bogotá ),
Brazillian sprinters usually achieve their peak of performance at 30´s,
Robson 100m PB at 31,
André 200m PB at 31,
Claudinei Quirino 200m PB at 29.

sorry if i do not answer to the topic…but my glance is for joyce maduaka a nd karin mayr pics…:)I remember andreas berger, he was HUGE!
However, for my country
100 m :10"01 pietro mennea
200 m :19"72 pietro mennea
400 m :45"26 ? zuliani…
off course…italy…

Shane has retired eh…


MEN (outdoor):
100m: Aggelos Pavlakakis: 10.11 (08/02/1997)
200m: Konstantinos Kenteris: 19.85 (08/09/2002)
400m: Anastasios Gkousis: 45.55 (08/05/2000)

WOMEN (outdoor):
100m: Katerina Thanou: 10.83 (08/22/1999)
200m: Katerina Koffa: 22.67 (06/16/1996)
400m: Fani Halkia: 50.56 (09/12/2004)

MET (indoor):
60m: Haralampos Papadias: 6.50 (03/07/1997)
200m: Alexios Alexopoulos: 20.62 (02/11/1996)
400m: Konstantinos Kenteris: 46.36 (02/13/1999)

WOMEN (indoor):
60m: Katerina Thanou: 6.96 (03/07/1999)
200m: Katerina Koffa: 22.71 (02/21/1998)
400m: Fani Halkia: 51.68 (03/06/2004)