Nicolas Macrozonaris, anyone? videos?

Ok, anyone got any clip or anything of Nicolas in action, PLZ…

Here’s a scanned photo from a newspaper clipping (Mexico 100m victory)

Video would be nice…

You might know these already:

Hehe, yep :slight_smile:

Come on someone gotta have a clip of him in action :confused:

Try this…

  1. Go to:

  2. Click on this link: Celui qui a battu le champion du monde aux 100 mètres (15 mai 2003)

  3. Click on link (under Mexico picture): Écoute du reportage
    Format WindowsMedia

Why does every top white guy run ugly? Is this the tight-butt syndrome…? :eek:

I could not care less about the colour of an athlete, but does Nic run ugly? Well sprinting is not Figure Skating :wink: , but I think KK for example runs one of the nicest “styles”.
What do you think about the last 50 Meter of the race? To me almost all the other lanes run ugly/tired (as far as you see them at all), but KK:

I guess it´s because of glare…

If you look at the greeks, they all got the same “running style”, georgios theodoridis, kostas kenteris, etc. (same coach)

If the “top-black” guys would have the same technics as, for example, Kenteris has, they would do way much faster.

Please explain. Is this your opinion or do you have information to support this statement?

Give me a break!

Ok, he is over-striding, but who is not?

Kostas does not have the same intensity/freqvens as (for example) Tim Montgomery. He is heavy and not as strong as him. I mean 1.80/80+kg… you can not move your body that fast then, but you can have a bigger stride…

Kostas best 100m time is 10.15. Kim Collins, 9.98. Why doesnt Kim Collins do sub-20?

Ok then you will probably tell me that Kim Collins is not a 200m runner. But ask yourself, why is he not a 200m runner? Why does he only do 20.20 when he have done sub-ten… In my opinion it’s because he does not have the optimal running technics.

First of all, every athlete must run according to their strengths, whatever they may be. Second, criticizing Collins for not running a better 200 is just as lame as criticizing Kostas for not having a better 100m. BTW, the shots are late in the 200, where the stride will lengthen and frequency drops as severe fatigue sets in, so it’s probably not Kentaris’ best form.

So according to your theory, would you suggest that Micheal Johnson would have run much faster if he had the same technique as KK? The picture you posted does not show very good technique by KK at all.

Okey, sure I’m lame you are the best.
Whatever, end of discussion.

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Try this one,
i know there´s the 10.03 video from Nick victory in Mexico.

Sorry! My fault. I dropped the wrong double message. Can you re-post the link? Thanks.


Where are these words coming from, a child? All I wanted to know was if you had any evidence to back up your previous statements. That is all, nothing more.