Newsletter online

I have over 800 members so far, but with each issue 20-40 peoples get bounced emails. So you can access the archive of my newsletter online at:

I’m not the one who put that page up, but the newsletters are there if you want to read them.


How many issues have come out? How oftern do you come out with them?

every 2 weeks

Man you have to register a domain name. Angelfire sucks :slight_smile:

As I mentionned it’s not my web site. A T-mag reader asked me if it would be okay to archive the newsletter online. I said yes. I have nothing to do with the page.

There has been 3 issues so far:

Issue 1:
The Beast Speaks
Exercise of the month: decline cable pullover
Leanness and performance: a periodized nutritional approach
Weight releasers: theory and application
Training to maintain post-cycle gains
Back to school: online use what you need
Shameless self-promotion

Issue 2:
The Beast Speaks
Exercise of the month: the scissor split or jump lunge
Back to school II: the new strength pyramid
Eccentric action training
Shameless self-promotion

Issue 3:
The Beast Speaks
Exercise of the month: Sit jump
High power methods
Role of strength training in a fat loss program
The Beast evolves part II
Shameless self-promotion

Guys is it just me or is the elitefts site down?? I can never open that page

Just you from where I’m sitting.

Works fine in Ontario. Just came off the site.

From CT’s 2nd newsletter:
" The jump squat is about as effective at increasing vertical power as the olympic lifts and it’s simpler to do. Well, the scissor split is even more effective".

Can anyone validate this? What advantages does the lung jump have?