Newbie Weight Gain

Having been out of the exercise “game” for a few years (I’m 43 years old), I have just started a program based on the information Charlie has offered.

I have started out with the beginner’s tempo series on alternating days and Olympic lifting on the days in-between. I only started training a week ago.

Also, I have been strictly following my diet (I’m diabetic) which usually means I lose 2-3 lbs per week. However, I have gained 2 pounds this week. Is this just a temporary form of hypertrophy? My understanding is that people can only gain about 1lb per week of muscle under ideal circumstances.

Any comments would be welcomed.

When fat is lost, fluid replaces it till the area can contract and, as water weighs more than fat, a slight gain may be noted or at least little progress on weight loss at the beginning. This should only last a brief time and then the results of your work will show.

Thanks Charlie. It’s so much fun getting back into it after a few years. My max’s are half what they used to be. Some knob in the gym jokingly told me that someone my size should be lifting 3x that weight…to add insult to injury.